Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Nas Shouts Lupe out in XXL

In the April 2007 issue of XXL, Nas speaks on the state of Hip-Hop and shouts Lupe out as one of the young guys in the rap game who he can actually stand to listen to.
"One of them young niggas, Lupe Fiasco, I'll listen to anything he do. That nigga really cool as a muthafucka. He's fun and it ain't just about being lyrical, 'cause some idiots get scared off that road."

Okay So I'm reading this XXL issue as we speak and everybody and they mama is shouting Lupe out in it...GET LUPE ON YOUR COVER XXL!!!!

Joss Stone talks about Hip-Hop in this issue as well, and how shes not feeling Southern Rap and she's more of an ol' school Hip-hop lover and simply put she says...

"And you know what? Lupe. I'm feeling him"

So I'm gonna pick my XXL back up and continue reading and see who else shouts Lu out in there...

Okay so I wasn't really expecting anymore Lupe shouts but low and behold I found one more in this issue. XXL is using subliminal messaging to try and get people who read their magazine to realize that Lupe is actually hotter than their favorite rapper. ..Yeah Im pretty sure he is...Definitely hotter than the rapper they have on this particular issue cover.

But anyway, back to the matter at hand, Bun-B and Pimp C are interviewed and one of them just mentions that their sons favorite rapper is Lupe. Son has good taste.

Catch Him If You Can

Anybody that has ever been to a Lupe concert knows that unless you have a good steady camera, it is so hard to take still pictures because he is jumping around, dancing, violining, and all kinds of crazy stuff all over the stage. Here are some pictures that demonstrate this hard task...

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Check his Footwork, Check his footwork

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This picture looks kinda scary to me...Reminds me of the Grudge for some reason

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I love this picture!!! SWANKY!!

Monday, February 26, 2007


Now I know you're all wondering what could a fight have to do with Lupe or FNF, WELL appparently in the following clip, some girls were fighting over a jacket that Lupe threw into a crowd after a recent concert...I'm OFFICIALLY JEALOUS...He didn't throw anything into the crowd when I went to his concert, well except himself, but I can't take him home and tease all my friends with that...well I could, but...WHATEVER WATCH THE CLIP!!!

Still desperately searching for some meaning to this blog...SUGGESTIONS!!! ANYBODY THERE!!! PLEASE HELP!!!!

Still Undecided

I still have no idea where I want to go with this blog...I've been YouTubing real heavy and Googling interviews and information on Lupe but I've been seeing alot of the same things. I'm just tryin to get some ideas and things, but I've just basically been posting stuff that I found and thought was kinda interesting. But I'm still searching for some type of something that will officially inspire me so that I can really BEGIN this blog. ANY IDEAS!!! ANYBODY!!! (Well I know nobody reads this blog yet but me, but I still feel that I should ask...LOL...kinda lame I know...but Whatever, any type of feedback is good even if its my

So here are some more meaningless tidbits that I've come across...

I actually have a group on facebook and here are some of the comments that members of the group have made about Lupe, Food & Liquor, FNF...blaise blaise blaise

i love lupe
i downloaded a bunch of songs but im still going to buy the album

I cant, I wont, i cant, i wont let u leave. The Hotness ; )

stop sleeping on this dude, album is a classic...and hes no gonna get any
recognition for it cause everybody is loving this wack ass bubblegum rap

The guy is exactly wat Hip Hop has needed for a good while...screw all that snappin and leanin and rockin and bowin or watever...Hip Hop is back! FNF UP!

"Cool on food for thought, but for Lupe I'm a starver" ...thats why Im gonna see his fine ass in BOston on Mar.13th!!!! holla

(MY GROUPIE MOMENT... His Style and Swagger is Rather Sexy. So I feel you Honey...Okay Groupie Moment DONE !!!!)

Lupe's Meat....Don't ask, Just watch the clip...LOL

Not Sure if this is really him...Its really blurry but I don't know you be the judge. Its on YouTube keyword Lupe doin something bad, LOL.

New Lupe Interview....I Think...Well its new to me

Japan Interview...Its at least as recent as the first of 2007...He doesn't really say much in the interview but whatever watch it anyway.

Ladies and Gentleman...Lupe Fiasco's Poetry Hour

Here's a clip I got from Bishop G page on Myspace, and you can see more clips keyword Platform O.G. TV on YouTube....Kinda cool...

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Lupe's Rules for Staying Balanced

(As told by TeenPeople) They basically went shopping with Lupe in New York, did an interview of sorts with him and took different quotes from the interview, flipped them, and made them into "Lupe's Rules for Staying Balanced." Gotta love Reporters and Interviewists...But I thought it was kinda funny, so yeah...Read it.

1) Lupe's a serious shoe fan, he's not too good at keeping them pristine. "My shoes are pretty funky," he says. "That's the point."
2) Beware of the road. "She's a vicious creature, the road," he says. "If you're not careful, she'll sink her claws into you..." (In the video clip they have, he actually had this weird/crazy accent on when he said this quote...Hilarious, well maybe not hilarious but it def. made me smile)
3) Remain neutral. "The best shopping is in L.A. and New York," he says. Looks like the Midwesterner won't weigh in on the constantly dueling coasts.
4) Improvise. "I hardly have any time to skate anymore," he explains. "I skate in my basement now so the walls and floors are all destroyed."
5) Speak in riddles. "I despise all animals. Actually I love animals," he says. "I just don't like them inside. I like them outside clamoring for warmth."
6) Laugh it off. "I was performing in Baltimore one night and my boy got on the mic and said 'DETROIT!! Make some noise!'" Just like any good friend would do, Lupe laughed his way off the stage before coming back out. (Bishop...tsk tsk tsk, You Dropped the Ball on that
7) Take your time. "It takes me a month to write a song sometimes," he says. "I'll just build it from one theme or one word and think, 'How can I make a song from this word that conveys my thoughts and beliefs and what I want to put out into the world?'"

I Guess I'll Start the Blog off with this...HERE GOES

I wanted to start this blog off with something different, and so I've been reading through posts that Lupe made HIMSELF on his Official Atlantic Records Messageboard. They date back all the way to 2005, way before I even knew who Lupe was. And I found a bunch of messages, 13 pages to be exact, of replies he made to different people. He would answer fan questions and just talk on the messageboard as a real member would do and not as the typical artist would i.e. "Thanks for all the support, I love you, if it weren't for you fans, I wouldn't be here...blah blah blah," We all know that message that their assistants assistants probably wrote. But i actually found bunches of messages that I liked and wanted everybody who hasn't already seen them to read.

This message, he left to somebody who said they wanted to get into rap music and he gave them what he called a "Hip-Hop Starter Kit..." (Yeah its kinda long, but read it anyway)

"what up manda...alright here goes your hip-hop starter kit...ready?...Nas's "It Was Written" good classic hip-hop lyrically profound with a genius blending of violence and conciousness with exceptional story-telling...4 is Mos Def's "Black On Both Sides" one of my personal favorites overtly concious lyrics set to a mellow musical backdrop which meanders to the edges of musical experimentation in hip-hop and back again without missing a beat. Mossy Mos even uses punk as an inspiration for one of the records. Evokes old-school sentiments but with state-of-the-art rhyming skills Q-U-ality!!!...4 stars...Outkast's "Aquemini" certified classic
exquisitely displaying what southern hip-hop is capable of...genius!!!...4 stars...Snoop Dogg's "DoggyStyle" produced by DR. DRE is the West Coast at its finest hour rather explicit for some peoples taste but is definitely a fine representation of California flavored hip-hop Beeyatch!!!...3&3/4 stars(lyrical content on certain records suspicious)...8-Ball & MJG's "On The Outside Looking In" and "On Top Of The Word" back to the south Memphis to be exact for some fist-class Mackin' and Cadillacin' got to get both of them but listen in moderation the pimpin' is way strong. These were among my childhood favorites....4 stars a peice...ANYTHING FROM RAKIM I REPEAT ANYTHING FROM RAKIM!!! If u want to see a true master of the art at work Rakim is the person to approach...his lyrics and cadence have achieved a level of "complex simplicity" kind of like when Bruce Leroy finally got "The Glow" in the feature film "The Last Dragon"(get that as well if u dont have it...great movie!) he is truly one of the pioneers of hip-hop & also one of its most profound poets..."5" stars and a planet...finally fellow Chicagoan and label mate Twista's 1997 release "Adrenaline Rush" again rather explicit and violent but the execution and raw energy of the album will do nothing short of amaze you...classic to the highest degree...I still am intrigued by it it today...4 stars...I think that is an excellent introductory list for you to get started...with representatives from various schools of hip-hop as well as different regions and periods of time are featured within it and it should(with the proper respect given to any artform no matter its content...not agreeance but respect) give u a fine perspective of what hip-hop was, is and is becoming...peace out...FNF UP!!!"

And this one...(talking about where his name came from, but more importantly the idea behind Fiasco)

picked it up in high school...was always called "Lu" picked up the "Pe" from one of my latino homeys didnt really know what "fiasco" meant which is "a failure" but when I found out I was like u know what I'm just goin to keep it so It can remind me to look before u leap and that everything can just fail for u at any moment so dont get caught up too much in what your doing right now and focus on whats really important in life and beyond...or something like that..

I thought it was interesting...

And This Is How It Begins...

My Official LUPE FIASCO Blog

I've been thinking about doing a blog for a long time now, and who better to do it on (other than myself of course, because who really cares what I'm doing) than Mr. Lupe Fiasco, the FUTURE of...Well just the FUTURE.

I'm tryin to figure out where I want to go with this blog right now. (I know I should have been done this, but whatever) I don't want it to be one of those Chris Brown or Bow-Wow fansites that only talk about how sexy he is, or what girl his fans are ready to fight because they heard that was his girlfriend now. I want this blog to be Something productive, something substantial, you know....SOMETHING that you HAVE to read Everyday. And while this is the Lupe Fiasco Show, there will be guest features from the entire FNF Family, as I deem necessary, Gotta Love 'Em All!!!

So sit back, relax, and get ready (to the tune of Ichy and Scratchy show from the Simpsons) THE LUPE FIASCO SHOOOOOWWWWWW!!!!