Tuesday, March 13, 2007


I've been listening to the old clips of the show and it is absolutely hilarious. I think all fans and people who think Lu is just a conscious, political, martial arts, streetwear, Noam Chomsky reading, skateboarding nerd, should hear this because you get to really get a glimpse of how funny and crazy he really is. I don't know him personally, of course, but after listening to FNF Radio I feel like I do.

go to forthomechicago.com/FNF.html

There are twleve different shows and to get to them just substitute the number after FNF, for example, forthomechicago.com/FNF6.html or FNF1.html

(Also you have to find the link and Save Target as in order to download the show to your computer so that you can hear it, most of the links are easy to find, but some of them, the pictures contain the mp3 link. Just right click, save target as, and you should be able to listen.)

And from listening to this I also have come to a conclusion of why Lupe has so many problems with his throat and voice.....and the problem goes by the name of Bishop G....lol...Listen to the radio show and you will understand why I say this....lol...and Im not hating on Bishop at all, I actually love Bishop and think that he is a pure crazed fool...But....lol...watch the Youtube clip to get a look @ the craziness that is FNF Radio


Anonymous said...

i tried listening to the fnf radio thing????....what do you have to do to hear it? please help

MUAH!!!! said...

I put some more instructions on the blog that explain how to listen

Anonymous said...

ok, pls excuse my ignorance but is fnf radio not streaming anymore? according to sources it airs on mondays @ 11 on IIT college radio...but it didnt...so yea..how can i listen? only w/ old shows?

MUAH!!!! said...

It says that but its old, there are no new shows, just the old ones. AND YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE ANONYMOUS, CLICK OTHER AND TYPE YO NAME!!!! THANX

vixster said...

aww ok..thats too bad

The_First_Lady_Of_FNF said...

omfg that video is hilarious!!! I love it!!