Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I missed Lupe's performance @ the DC show

Yeah so I was definitely on CP time when I arrived at the show almost about 2 hours after it started. But for the record it wasn't really my fault, my family x DC/MD traffic being hell = Me being late.

I was told he started promptly at 8, which was surprising to me, and ended his set at like 8:30 p.m. which was probably due to the fact that more people at the show wanted to see their very own DC GoGo artist, Mr. Chuck Brown.

So yeah I was upset, BUT the Roots were excellent, Great Show, and I got a bootleg Lupe/Roots/Chuck Brown concert shirt for only $10 after the show, so I was fairly satisfied.

Next time...I WILL be on time!!!!!

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Just a few of my camera phone pictures, the ushers at Constitution Hall wouldn't let me take pictures with my camera, BASTARDS!!!!


vince said...

Lupe is sick, nice site by the way.

TheBandit. said...

OMG i was late for this concert too....my sister got a ticket for me to see lupe rite but that same day she wanted to get her hair done and i was like u can meet me there u kno how to ride the metro by urself but she was all like no....and her wantin to get her hai done made me miss him and i had a friend there so i was textin him like crazy i was just like pleease say chuck brown is goin first and that hes gona be on for a long time like he always is but no that didnt happen we got there rite when the roots came out but the roots were vicious so i wasnt all that sad

TheBandit. said...

...oh yea i was not tryna see chuck brown DC is a samll city i can can see him any day lol....im goin to lupes 9:30 club show on 1/30/08 im will bein standin outside at 5:00 waiting for his 8:00 show to start its not a joke im desperate...=]