Thursday, March 22, 2007

Lupe the Chef???

Okay so we've all heard of Lupe the Jedi, Lupe the Gorilla, Lupe the Killa etc. but Lupe the Chef???...This is an old interview, but its one where Lupe explains how to cook, Shepherds Pie.

Chi-town rapper Lupe Fiasco sticks to the simple pleasures in life. So,although he was hard at work finishing his Atlantic Records debut Food & Liquor (with Jay-Z handling co-executive producer duties), its no surprise that the 23-year-old found time to cook up something good for the soul, Shepherds Pie. √Ęs the easiest, most favorite thing I know how to make, he eagerly explains. Its just a casserole with a layer of mash potatoes, a layer of like seasoned ground turkey and then cheese on top. His interest in the special cuisine interest originated from his visits to the local mosque, where he would feast on Shepherd's Pie after service. I actually learned how to make it from a lady at the mosque, he recalls. Every Friday she would make these big humongous pans of it and we would just eat. While grating cheese, Lupe reveals his secrets to a tasty Shepherds Pie aside from his special seasoning, he places a high importance on cooking slow and making sure to watch the casserole closely while its cooking. I make the potatoes first and then the ground turkey, but you could actually do it at the same time. After a delayed reaction to the realization that he hadnt washed his hands, Lupe walks away from the counter to indulge them in soap and water then goes back to grating his Tillamook Cheese. His special seasoning called Magic Seasoning Blends, along with Italian seasoning and a touch of salt and pepper, helps brown the ground turkey.It might be unusual to hear Lupe rapping about the virtues of skateboarding on his lead single Kick Push, but the rapper born Wasalu Jaco has never followed the pack. The self-proclaimed nerd even gives an educational lesson on the difference in the cheese that he uses: I try not to use cheese that has animal sources, but I try to use cheese, I know this sounds nasty”with microbial sources. Make sure you use a good cheese you cant use Velveeta or slices of American cheese, You have to get block cheese or shredded cheese. He starts on the potatoes using miracle whip, butter and Oberweis Dairy milk, a.k.a. The Champagne of Milks. He pours the milk slowly over the potatoes to secure a measurable amount that will suffice enhance its thickness. You mash them, put the milk in”mash, mash, mash”make sure you add the milk very slowly. You dont want to add too much milk and not enough potatoes. With no set time frame involved in his process, watching your food carefully is the only option according to Lupe. I dont know about time. My mama taught me how to cook, so it wasnt more like a time thing, it was more like a watching thing. Lupe grabs the aluminum pan, preparing to layer the casserole. Lay a layer of mash potatoes first, then the ground turkey second and then you just put a layer of cheese, put it in the oven and let it cook and thats it. With the last sprinkle of cheese on the casserole, the pan is layered and put in the oven. After minutes of waiting, Lupe checks on the casserole, looking for a sign of light brown melted cheese. After what seems like forever, the casserole is finally ready and cools for a couple of minutes. After dubbing himself the Shepherds Pie King, Lupe and digs in and approves of his self made masterpiece. With Food & Liquor in stores this winter, Lupe is sure to stir up a buzz and give you a good meal all in one. Anybody buying the album will get a free pan of Shepherds Pie, he says. You'll probably get hungry while waiting, so maybe you should just make your own instead.

And here how you can make your own Lupe Shepherd Pie...

Ingredients: Tillamook Cheese (Cheddar, Colby)Miracle WhipMargarine- Land O Lakes Lean Ground TurkeySalt & PepperItalian SeasoningGarlic PowderMagic Seasoning BlendsOberweis Dairy MilkBag of PotatoesDirections:Fill a pot halfway up with water. Place peeled potatoes in water and boil until they soften. Season ground turkey with Magic Seasoning Blends, garlic powder, salt, pepper and Italian seasoning. Cook ground turkey beef in a skillet until meat is brown. Grate the whole cheddar and Colby blocks of cheese into a bowl. After potatoes have softened, place potatoes, margarine, half a container of Miracle Whip and milk slowly into a bowl and mash until they are soft. Place the layer of mashed potatoes in the bottom of a glass or aluminum container, covering with a layer of ground turkey. Spread grated Cheddar and Colby cheese across ground turkey until its covered and place in the oven at 400-450 degrees until the cheese melts. Be careful to watch the casserole. Once the cheese has melted and slightly browned, take the casserole out of the oven, let it cool for about ten minutes and get ya grub on.

AND HE CAN COOK...What can't he do??

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