Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Lupe's #1 Fan of the Moment...Isaac


Age: 19

San Jose, California

When did you first become a fan of Lupe Fiasco?

"I became a fan of lupe probably abooouuuuuuttt, a little over two years ago. I first heard em on a ringtone, I remember I was lookin for a new ringtone on my phone and I played the sample they give u for this song called "Kick Push".....I liked the beat, and I liked the hook, so I decided to look a lil more into this guy "Lupe Fiasco"

If you could steal one thing from Lupe Fiasco, what would it be and why?

"lol, I dont think I would steal anything.....but if he was to give me anything, I would take his Maharishi Land Rover he was supposed to get made....why?....C'mon!....Its a Maharishi Land Rover! lol"

Yeah I'd have to agree...A Maharishi Land Rover would be PRETTY FRESH, FLY, ALL THAT GOOD STUFF...And THANX for participating...I LOVE YOU FOR THAT...Really I Do...It just adds a twinkle to my eye when I know that people actually read and enjoy my blog...You can be my spokesperson to explain to other Fiasco Fans that sending me an email answering two measley questions is not as strenuous and time-consuming as they may think...LOSERS...NOT YOU ISAAC...I'm referring to the people who WON'T RESPOND...SMH...Ummm Sorry I take that back...I don't actually think you're Losers, Please don't stop reading my blog. I think highly of everyone who does read...I just like Isaac mo' better than you Losers...LOL...MUAH!!!!

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1 RHOyal Fiasco said...

Alright Isaac... Bay Area REPRESENT!...