Friday, April 13, 2007

Lu Groupie Encounter

Another Edition...

Dear Lupe Fiasco,

Yea, that was me in the airport yesterday, the one who chased you down. Thanks for not running away from me. It was nice meeting you. I was a little excited and I think I forgot to mention how fabulous you are. I use your lyrics all the time in my classroom (we did a whole lesson on the history of hate in America and we listened to "American Terrorist" and picked apart the words and weight of the issue). I'm proud to have introduced my students to music with meaning. Yea, they dig you. Figured you'd want to know that. Couldn't quite remeber how to talk yesterday besides calling your name and shaking your hand with the enthusiasm of a 12 year old girl seeing someone she has a poster of (minus the screaming and carrying on). Better then when I saw Ahmir, in which I think I uttered "Quest you're the best". And don't get me started on the time I bumped into Dave Chapelle. Pitiful.

So, yea, I think you are an amazing musician. Keep it up.

Peace, King.


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LMAO...The first two sentences of this "letter" made me laugh out loud. I pictured in my head a scene of this person chasing after Lu in an airport, like a typical chase scene where Lu was running up the down escalator, pushing down old women with walkers, knocking over trash cans, falling and then doing a tuck and roll type move and then running some more...LOL...It was funny in my mind...

This is the look that I image he had on his face when he saw this person chasing after him...

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