Thursday, April 26, 2007

Quotations from Lupe Fans

I've been reading different things that alot of fans have said about Lupe and I would like to share them with you...some of them proclaim how SEXXXYYY they think he is, whilst some just compliment him on his SKILLZ (ya know Bowhunting, I say, I love that movie) But they were all HILARIOUS to me (thats my favorite word, if you haven't noticed) ...SO READ & ENJOY!!!!

When he threw on a Gorillaz track for a back beat, I knew this was a man with class and taste. I mean, he sported Chucks and an Andy Warhol pin, and had on the first pair of hipster jeans I’ve seen on a rapper. Call ‘em the un-phat pants. They sagged just right beneath his boxers, then tapered off into a tight bunch at the ankles. And it didn’t hurt that he was ga-ga- gorgeous. To be honest, from the moment he cameout all I was thinking was: Can you please take me home with you?

I’ll say it upfront: I adore this album. If I saw Lupe on the street, I wouldn’t ask him for an autograph; I’d fucking thank him and give him my bike

Wow, what a super fun kid. Just super super fun. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious fun. Just a DJ, him and his "backup rapper" I will call the dude for lack of a better term, with a few singers coming to the stage for a song here or there. He's cute and sassy and fun and tells funny stories and dances like just a total goofball. I bought this album in January after sort of putting it off all fall. Then I hadn't even listened to it before going to this concert. I'm an idiot. When we finally find out what rare and incurable disease I am dying from, I want someone to contact the Make-a-Wish foundation and get me half-an-hour on the dancefloor with Lupe Fiasco.

My husband (referring to Lupe) is performing on the 25th and I must be in attendance. I’ll be damned if I miss him. I sound like a groupie. Oh well. He doesn’t fuck groupies anyway so I have nothing to worry about. I’m not trying to fuck. I wanna get married. LOL. Let me stop.

I learnt a lot about Lupe Fiasco that night. He is a martial arts master and is not afraid to dance around a table in the middle of a restaurant telling his animated stories. I liked the man and his entourage, they were good sorts who offered to "put us out" on myspace. Seeing as Lupe has 400, 000 friends, that could be a really big favour.

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