Tuesday, May 8, 2007

For Your Viewing Pleasure

Abstraxx Tee inspired by Lupe's song, Daydreamin...Wanna get one?

This picture is SOOOOOOOOOO LUPE... Wearing Triko's Floss Jacket

This Orange is ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL...Orange may now Officially be my favorite color to see on a man, after Purple and Butt Naked of course. LMAO...Just Playing, couldn't resist, I heard somebody say that on TV last night and thought it was Hilarious.

Why is Everybody else Ready for the Photo Op except You Bishop?!?...tsk tsk tsk...You're Dropping the Ball Mr. Platform OG

Getting Fresh... Is that DJ Simon cutting his hair? Well, I guess my chances of being the Official FNF Hair Cutter is over, Time for Plan B, Official FNF Shoe String Tyer.

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Starring Lupe Fiasco featuring Bishop G and the rest of the FNF crew. Made Officially for this Blog...Ya Gotta Love It!!!!


The_First_Lady_Of_FNF said...

Awwww WOW Love the pixx!!! Lupe looks AMAAAAZING! Geat job gurl :P

1 RHOyal Fiasco said...

Consider that graphic snatched!... I'm going ot make it our default image for the myspace page...