Monday, May 21, 2007

Lupe's #1 HATER of the Moment

This is a new segment that I am adding to this blog...titled "Lupe's #1 Hater of the Moment." I personally believe that haters make the world go round, they provide motivation for you to DO YOU even more. If you don't have any haters, then I think YOU need to step your game up, because a hater is the first sign of success, it is a signal that you are doing something good. And as Lupe fans, we have defended him numerous times when HATERS try and say he's lame, or he can't rap, he's not lyrical, or when they base his whole career on Kick, Push. We've all seen massive amounts of Lupe Haters. So with this section, I would like to present the people who are helping advance Lupe's career by keeping him on their blogs, on the messageboards, or in a Miss Jones case, bringing more attention to his music.

And with that said, Here is Lupe's #1 Hater of the Moment...

Friday, January 5, 2007

Lupe Fiasco Thinks He’s Better Than You

I would like to introduce a piece that I will be doing from time to time where I will bring to your attention individuals that I personally do not like and you should not either; for very valid and un-superficial reasons. Today I will be featuring a one Lupe Fiasco…---I wanted to bring up some valid evidence to support my position. I found an interview that he did with

“I was so cool because I was from the hood, you know what I'm saying? [No, I don’t know what you’re saying] I could still relate to this person or that person you know [Yeah I know, I get it], but like for the most part it was like I had like this nerdy kind of like appeal because of the stuff I was into too. I was into comic books and you know [I’m not stupid! I have a blog duh] Japanese cartoons, and you know [So condescending right folks?] into classical music and reading, and different uncool stuff like that

"Maybe you think you're "original"? Guess what: A lot of black people like to skateboard and about 1.3 billion people are muslim. I don’t get you Mr. Fiasco. Call me old fashioned but the way I grew up, I don’t like what I don’t understand.

1 comment:

Cree said...

You don't like what you don't understand = SUPER IGNORANCE.

Side note: None of the points you made concerning Lupe were "valid". In fact, they all consisted of you having a very small level of analytical skills, understanding (which you clearly stated yourself), and awareness. You deserve the Ignorant Hater Award.

That completes my rant.