Tuesday, May 1, 2007

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Have you ever read some of the picture comments that people leave on Lupe's myspace?

You should, They are TOO FUNNY!!!!

Japanese Fat Joe?!? haha damn is he fat....

nigga u hiden out in tokyo

now i don't have to wonder what B.I.G would look like if he was Japanese.lol

oooh i c u with tha hat maaan LOL the glasses is killin me I WANT THEM lol dang but it aint no good stores up here :(......... well anyways lol nice swagg/style!

i see you lupe them swagger/phenomenon jump offs mad expensive you know how gas is let me hold 5.00 lol im good for it.. sike na you wont see that five .. just keepin it real

you just made me sin....GOOD JOB!!!=][=....lol

WHY ARE U SO FUCKIN FRESH !!! dont nooooooooooo rapper just as fly as u forreal i love u lupe and nice booty lmaoo


you get madd fly son

u give me butterflies.


KayCee said...

awwww meg u left out some of the juicy juicy ones!!!!lol those are still funny though

The_First_Lady_Of_FNF said...

holy sh*t... yessur i had to post a bullitin on myspace asking my father for forgiveness when I seen that pic lol... looks like were both sinners j/k lol... but.. damn Lupe...

MUAH!!!! said...

I know KayCee, had to save some for later posts...lol...But I got a bunch of good ones that are just TOO FUNNY!!!