Friday, June 22, 2007

View More Pics

Another Edition of VIEW MORE PICS which features some of the funnier, crazier, stalkerish comments that people make on Lupe's Myspace pics...

looks like someone edged u wit their fingernail

yo shit is too small size panty hole tigt like on 400lbs chick! it'll be nice if you can hook up with talib,krs,kool.g rap,de la soul all on one track,man keep blessin us with your gift!


my dawg lupe fiacso
(written like 5000 times by the same person)

u like luvin it(mcdonalds bdababada)

Your maintaining your sexy...I likes!!!

you a sexy motherfuckerr

Eeww, I don't like this one. Please change it as a default.But I still love you
(This pic is cute, u r crazy)

You look lke a young Dr.dre on this pic s0n...
you cant get any more dr. dre than that

u have a booger in ur right nostril. ur welcome

MAH BABY'S DADDY iS T00 FiNE!!! lolz.


wow! pretty much gorgeous! i had a dream about you dressed in all blue, that exact shade that yu have on in the pic. crazy huh?
(You or the dream...jus aking to make sure I answer the question correctly)

ma nigga lupe! ppl say we look alike n kall u ma brother so i guess i gotta new older brother lol
(For the record, this guy looked NOTHING like Lupe)

Damn I love this pic, you turn me on, I love your style, no to mention your gift. Keep doin it sexy!!!

U look soooo goood!! Can I take u out? I'll pay for
(Why? He's the rapper with lots of money, you might wanna rethink that)

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wlf4life said...

People be posting some crazy comments haha. yea and I look like lupe too lol (J/p)