Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Lu Groupie Encounters

Lupe Fiasco...is such a great spirit. He has such a humbling but hype quality about him. I loved his performance. However, I wasn't able to connect with him well because....a lot of MIDDIGITY FIGGIDITIES were ruining his show. I don't understand how you can grind to He Says She Says. But the day wasn't over. Sally was determine to get his autograph. And interestingly enough SHE DID! lol. Aight...after the show he was doing interviews. And a lot of his fans were waiting backstage for him to come out. BUT it was taking ages. He got a tip that he was on the other side of the backstage doing interviews (like right near the edge)...so with my peer pressure and Sally's submission, we headed over there. My girl climbs over the fence lol and was able to get the autograph and his t-shirt and towel that he used. CRAZINESS!EPIC weekend!

And another Lupe encounter here...

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