Monday, November 26, 2007

Lupe on the Radio in VA TONIGHT!!

Tune in to these stations websites and find the Listen Live link to hear Lupe Fiasco live on the radio TONIGHT...

(757) 823-9110

103 Jamz
(757) 466-0103

Both interviews are now done.
However you can go to now and listen for another interview.

Im not sure of the exact times he will be on the air for either station
so you're basically just gonna have to listen and wait.

Oh and Shoutout to KayCee
AKA "The hardest working women in Street Promotion"


Shay said...

It was great meeting Lupe and the FNF Crew
Also I love the blog !!
Keep up the great work girl !!

*Stay Blessed*

Anonymous said...

haha yesterday was a long ass day!! i tried to keep yall updated as much as possible...oh well...Lu know he should come back to VA more often!!!!

MUAH!!! said...

Thank You, Thank You.

I will try my best.