Friday, December 7, 2007

Lupe Fiasco Mixtape

DJ Mini Maxx Presents

(It has been re-edited for your listening pleasure)


Ghett0 said...

before i download

i wanted to know a little more about the track listing

as i dont want to download something where i have the majority of the tracks already

Fly Ty said...

Track Listing

1. The Emperor's Intro
2. The Cool
3. Dumb It Down RMX (f/ GemStones(Gemini) & Graham Burris)
4. Ignorant Shit (f/ Jay-Z)
5. Superstar RMX (f/ Kanye West & Matthew Santos)
6. The Eraser
7. Questions (f/ Jay-Z)
8. Daydream II RMX
9. Sky High (RMX by Dj Noodles)
10. We Wonder (f/ Kanye West)
11. Good Dream RMX (f/ Jill Scott & Common)
12. Butterfly RMX (f/ Crazy Town)
13. Can You Let Me Know (f/ Verbal & Sarah Green)
14. Cold Blooded
15. I'm Ballin (f/ Dirty Harry)
16. Classic Dope Boys (f/ Kanye West, Nas, Pete Rock & CL Smooth)
17. Chica Pow
18. Failure (CHI-Town RMX)
19. Let's Go
20. Dedicated
21. Bottom Top
22. Dead Presidents
23. The Run Down
24. My Mind
25. Hello GoodBye (Live) (f/ Unkle)
26. Arms Race
27. Up 2 Me (f/ Kev Samples)
28. Paris, Tokyo (Live)
29. Walk In My Shoes (f/ Emily King)
30. We On (f/ GemStones)
31. Superstar vs. One & Only (f/ Timbaland & Fall Out Boy)
32. Kick, Push MixoloGy
33. The Coolest (FULL, CDQ, NO DJ)(Bonus)

Ghett0 said...

wow loooks big

i;l get that

thanks for the tracklist

DjMiniMaxX said...

Youll Enjoy it