Wednesday, January 16, 2008

In the Manic Mind of Turbo

I moved from my assigned seat because it was apparent that there wouldn’t be too many other passengers aboard. The seat in the corner offered protection from the possibility of being cuddled next to a stranger, so I made the move 5 minutes after initial contemplation. This move took place at 4:32 am. It was approximately 4:44 am when I sent a text message to a number of people in my address book. The text message read “Hahahaha”. Well aware of how strange it would be to receive a text message at 4 in the morning, I sent the text anyway in order to attract interest that could possibly decrease the boredom in which I was bound to experience on the train ride. The final destination? San Francisco. The city where I needed to take care of some un started business as well as venture into the venue where Lupe Fiasco and the FNF crew would be performing.

Thrilled and excited at the same time, I decided to turn on my media device to both set the theme of this solo mission as well as ozone out a bit. After pressing shuffle, the song “Mad World” by Gary Jules came on. Nice. After listening to the song, I turned off the media player and involuntarily doze off for a moment..

Realization of the end of that moment struck upon receiving the first text message response of the day. This was roughly around 7:00 am when one of the many people to follow asked,

“What were you doing up @ 4am? N whats so funny?”
(I = T. Person = P.)
T: Oh, my bad. I was at Wells Fargo.
P: Huh? Wells Fargo isn’t even open at 4 in the morn.
T: Well, I laugh straight to the bank.

Different variations of this exact conversation with different people went on throughout the rest of the train ride. I also took more naps than the collector of rough hair.

It was a great moment to finally arrive in the Bay Area. For the concert that would take place later on that night would make the odyssey well worth it..(2 thumbs up on the performance)

(here is brief video footage of this portion of the trip)

- possibly to be continued...because
January 17th, 2008? Hollywood House of Blues? I’m there, you already know what it is - bzzzzz

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