Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Lupe Discusses Collaborations, Retirement and the Housing Market.


Anonymous said...

Lupe is way to eager to retire, ill be upset if the album comes out in 2008, its too soon. A year is too little time to construct a classic album. he should take his time on lupEND. food and liquor took 5 years, why make 2 albums in the span of two years.
The cool is a good album but it would of probably been way better had he took more time with it

anyone agree with me?

kool kid said...

good to talk about something different.

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Anonymous said...

I agree. I love Lupe and the Cool but for some reason I'm not addicted to his recent album. When Food and Liquor dropped in September 2006 it was like musical crack. I remember flunking 2 midterms because I could not stop listening to Food and Liquour.Food and Liquor just has this beautiful, fragil, balance. It was what Lupe would call complex simplicity. Oh and I passed both classes with B averages.

NB said...

I don't want Lupe to retire at all, that really disappoints me, since us fans know he is like a beautiful antidote for the venom that is music today. When he talks about retiring it makes me cringe because who am I really gonna jam too or be inspired by?? BUT, at the end of the day, he's gotta do him and he has his reasons for retiring so we gotta accept that. After all, he is human. As for The Cool, I think it’s an amazing album that can’t be compared to Food & Liquor. You gotta take each album on it’s own, and I think both are dope. That’s my $0.02 for the day...lol. Oh yeah, great blog ladies :-)

B!GG A(Γ)E said...

I think he thinks the HIP HOP game is fucked up so he just wants to put some different shit out so other ppl can listen 2. Both of his albums are SIK as hell and
L U P End is goin to be great. But just like Jay-Z he'll come back. Lol