Saturday, January 12, 2008

SOHH Focused: Lupe Fiasco


Chi City Animated said...

I would seriously be disappointed when he in all seriousness. Who am I gonna listen to in 3 years once Lupe is retire? I mean I know that Kanye, Common, The Cool Kids, Kid Sister, Flosstradamus and many others (namely Chicago artist). It is just that for me, Lupe is THE leader of the new school in Hip-Hop. He brings the lyrics and creativity that isn't really seen on his level. Saigon, Joell Ortiz and Papoose are all unbelievable artists that are pushing the envelope...but Lupe is still ahead of that curve...I hope the final part of Lupe's career: L-U-P-End is as hypnotic as Food & Liquor and revolutionary as the Cool.

Peace and much love to ya...

K. Denise said...

True sh*t ^.

Chlowee-Chan said...

Now I am Pissed
Why do people have to listen to SHIT@argh
lupes music is pure genius
he is out there making great music and people aint see is cos oh yeh they would rather listen to..
shit it really is.
please dont retire at third album
ur music to be makes me get through the day .but i can see why u would wen people aint wake up to hear real hiphop.
ts a shame
very upset

i can actually relate to the stuff you liek to like emarharishi and manga and decent fashion and design culture.

Anonymous said...

this sounds stupid
but i creid when i watch the interview.
lupes music is my life
really it is.its all i have to
chill to and push my issues away.
without his music iam screwed.

Anonymous said...

this guy is pissing me off....i can't believe he's only doing one more album...smh

he didn't even mention the CRS....i hope they get together and do that album

Tony Lopez said...

We have your new cd and my daughter loves it her favorite song is hip hop saved my life.