Sunday, April 20, 2008

Lupe Fiasco Interview with DJ Semtex

"How you feeling about the forth-coming Glow in The Dark tour?

I feel good, I feel upbeat, I’m more excited for my artists to see it I’ve got a very talented roster Matthew Santos, Sarah Green Nikki Jean, these new kids I just picked up He Say She Say, of course Gemstones for them to get that opportunity to get on that stage and to go up there and actually perform something that is a hit that they are responsible for being a hit or are associated with it being a hit, more than it just being a homie look for them to take those hits and propel their careers. I’m more exicted to put them on and see how they are gonna perform, when they go out to do a verse on such and such or a hook on something. But you know I’m happy to be around the big NERD I’m a big fan
You got Rhianna on the bill, NERD, Kanye West.
You know what that means, you got CRS on the bill!!
It’s a wonderful line up, it should be a good tour its already sold out every week they add another few dates.

What joints are you looking forward to performing?

‘Hello, Goodbye’ – we’re gonna use this tour to break out some of the more eclectic records on the album – we’ve put out a lot of the pop stuff with ‘Paris Tokyo’ being the next single in the US but we definitely want to push the more eclectic side – the 2nd half of the album."

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