Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Fan Reviews: Chicago May 24th Date

By Mendi

First of all I have to confess... all that talk of getting to the United Center by 6:30... unfortunately did not happen. I don't know why I can't do anything in a timely manner, no matter how hard I try, but this was another fine example. I got to the arena at straight up 7:00 or maybe a couple seconds after, and my roommate and I were litterally running to our section as Lupe Fiasco was singing "Hip-hop Saved my Life." So here begins the concert review!

I don't rememember the exact order of things, but I do know that Lupe introduced Nikki Jean, who is featured on Hip-hop Saved my Life. Get used to this folks because not only did Lupe put on a good show, but he definitely shared the spotlight with the people he works with, has signed to FNF, etc. As a matter of fact I know for sure the next song was Little Weapon, which features a verse from Bishop G. Then it might've been Kick Push but don't hold me to that. And then came Go Go Gadget Flow. Guess what? Yep, there was another feature on this! It's not this way on the album, but instead of Lupe going into the second verse of the song he brought out Gemstones, who was doing some of that midwest stype rapid fire rap, yes I love it, but I had to have a hater moment when he first came out and the mic wasn't working or maybe Gemstones wasn't close enough to it. I don't even know but I couldn't hear him really until about half way through the verse. Boo to that! Oh well, these things happen. Anyway, after this I think was Paris Tokyo, which featured Sarah Green on vocals. I believe it was after Paris Tokyo that Lupe brought out a group he has signed to FNF called He Say She Say. They have kind of an electronic sound. And the show ended with Streets are On Fire and Superstar, both featuring Mathew Santos, and the final song was Daydreamin'...

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