Friday, May 30, 2008

Kiss Blog Interview with Lupe Fiasco

Is there a danger five years down the line when rappers are multi-millionaires, they will be rapping about issues not close to them anymore?

"I think that there's a misconception that rappers get out from the hood. You become the vehicle for other people to get out. You still have to go pick them up physically from their concrete building and they might have a package of weed or a gun on them. That's how rappers get caught up.

I don't think that when you cross a certain bridge you start to hang around with different people. Your friends from the hood are the same killers, gang bangers, drug dealers as when you were twelve. You'll be surprised about how many rappers have to put [down] their real name to bail out their friends and family because they are still there."

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Sean said...

Just to make it clear...I didn't post any kind of anonymous comments on your blog...If I wouldn't have checked your previous entries just now I wouldn't even know what you are talking about.