Saturday, May 31, 2008

Matthew Santos on

If his name sounds familiar, it makes sense. Matthew Santos is the voice on Lupe Fiasco’s first Top 10 hit, “Superstar.” The Minneapolis native lent his flexible vocals to an R&B hook, but R&B is far from the appropriate word to describe the music he creates. “Just because you can sing R&B doesn’t make you an R&B singer. Just because I’ve had folk/rock songs doesn’t make me a folk/rock artist. I can sing blues and opera, but that doesn’t make you an opera singer.”

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/\ntoine said...

I ran into Matty last week in Edmonton. He was either really really down to earth, or extremely shy/scared of people. But seemed like a super-nice guy. I think he was shocked that I recognized him, 'cos let's face it, he's no superstar (yet).

Keep up the great work peeps.

(The Nikki Jean Fan Blog)