Monday, June 23, 2008

CONTEST: Wale & Blu @ SOBs Ticket Give-a-way

Kozza is at it AGAIN!!!! (Thanx Hun!!)

We are giving away two free tickets to one lucky winner who either resides in the NYC area or is willing to make the trip there. If you want to be entered into the contest, please send an email to with the subject line WALE that contains the FULL NAMES of you and the person who will be attending the show with you. (Also for those of you who like to tell me why you should be the winner and etc, GO AHEAD!! I usually chose the email with the best sob story anyway)

Side Note: Speaking of Wale and UCB (Sexy Lady is my shit!!), I'm in D.C. at this very moment tryin to think of where I want to go eat which segues me to this, . (We can all thank Catherine for this random find) Also its been a minute since I last posted on here. HEY EVERYONE!!!!! That is all.


K. Denise said...

Oh now you know you should just go head and give them tickets to me. lol

Oy~honey said...

fuck,how many restaurants does lupe own?tht 1 looks different frm this other 1 i saw.......i love Wale btw.he's nigerian and so am i so i definitely support him mayne,his freestyle to i love ur girl was the ish lol