Monday, June 16, 2008

What the messageboards are sayin' about L-U-P-E....

I frequent alot of different message boards and its always interesting to see what the people think of Lupe Fiasco...I came across THIS thread on SOHH where they were discussing how Lupe and Wayne are the Nas and Jay or OUR generation...then I came across THIS thread over on where a seemingly new fan comes out and says he's one of us (one of lupe's "superstars") only to encounter massive amounts of hate lol..We know that before Lu really blew up...he was avid on the messageboards...ain't a damn thing changed since lol


Anonymous said...

I stopped reading after someone said Free Chilly was there favorite song. LUpe isnt even on the track. Get outta here.

E-Rich said... No wonder they call it that. These niggas still mad about the Tribe Called Quest thing.