Thursday, July 31, 2008

Dear Lupe Fiasco,

I'll begin by sounding like every other fan you have who acquires your email address off your blog and sends a message hoping to get an ACTUAL reply from the artist not some 'rep'

Here are things you may have heard/read before

I've been a fan of yours since forever
I've been to all of you're concerts in my area
I bought all albums by you or featuring your music
I think you're cute

Here's some info you may not have heard

When i went to the Glow in the Dark tour in Dallas in June, I came just to see you're performance and by the final performance when you took the stage again from Kanye's finale, I truely admired your lyrical talent. Though I heard your verse of touch the sky a million times, hearing them while seeing you on stage gave them an undescribable meaning to me.

Though you are a busy person, I just thought I'd give you one more thanks to you for continuing to doing you like no one else can.

Please don't quit music but if you so choose to do so....Do please write a book (or severall) and I will read that if i can't no longer hear your albums.


Gloria Ogboaloh


Anonymous said...

It really makes me sad that Lupe didnt perform in the Glow in the Dark concert in Oklahoma City, Ok....i got there two hours before da concert to find out Lupe wasnt going to be performing because he got sick, im glad it wasnt anything to serious but it woulda meant everthing to me to see Kanye and Lupe perform Touch the Sky :[

Anonymous said...

Wow... that letter was awesome. I wish Lupe would come around my way. I haven't had the chance to see him in concert. I saw Kanye a few years back. It was magnificent!!!!!!!!!

j said...

aw. that was nice.

the matador said...

itzyagrlgloria said...

delete my name PLEASE & THANKS... :) i do send my reguards for graciously posting my email on this blog for the world to read... maybe we can have nice chat about Lupe's musical influence on our ipods & our lives :D