Monday, July 7, 2008

Superstar in Paris

Im not going to go into Youtube overload...I promise...This is just great...Lupe's such a ROCKSTAR

Thanks for the link anonymous...


Jolly P's said...

Hey Lupe, it's Jolly P's. I was present at your show, that was so so so hot !! Thank you very much =)

Anonymous said...

Lol U welcome!!

Lupe is a Real killer....Damn!!!

French people Love him!!!

See U !

Bawn said...

Lupe is the king !!
The best show i've ever seen, and i'm looking forward to seeing him again in Paris really really soon !!

bawn said...

By the way, great blog !!!

tristan said...

Yeah, I was here !! It was my frist concert and I think it will be hard to do better than Lupe! He gave so much energy... It was really amazing !

Peaaaacee !

Anonymous said...

I was here too and that was crazy!!the concert was reeeaaly hot!!The best for me and I hope Lupe will come back in Paris soon.
I just wish next time (because i will be there) Lupe will do "Little weapon" on stage too!!
Thank you for this crazy show!!!:)
Please never stop!:)