Monday, August 18, 2008 Feature Available Now Online

Because if people stop, it’s usually because they don’t want to do it anymore, because they lost their love of it.
Lupe Fiasco: Usually. Now how unusual am I? Like, real talk. How unusual? I’m the most unusual rapper in the rapping business.

You’re one of them.
Lupe Fiasco: And I’m not even talking about “Yo, this dude just wore a bathrobe,” I’m talking about “He looks like this lame-ass nerd nigga, but he carries himself like he’s this fly-ass, gangsta nigga. This nigga did a song about robots, dog.”

Thanks for the link Ashish. Anytime.

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Samantha said...

this makes me even more excited
i just found out Lu's doing a show at my college!