Friday, August 1, 2008

No Lolla For Brandi....

SO...Im supposed to be in Chicago right now!!!!
Seeing Lupe Fiasco tomorrow and blah blah blah!
But If you read my are pretty much familiar with my luck!!
And it is okay for you to assume that I am still in Detroit.
Because YOU ARE RIGHT!!!
I dont even want to discuss WHY I am still in Detroit...
Because the shit is HELLA WHACK!

All I will say is Shout Out to My sister Keena...
who would have gone with me...if she could have!

I feel so stupid...because I was looking forward to this since I found out Lu was performing at Lollapalooza...Im blogging about the shit like Im gonna be there...and Im still in DETROIT...WHACK!!

LMAO...Im like 0-5 on my Lupe Concert attempts since October 2007
So for all of you who will be at Lollapalooza...take lots of pictures and be sure to share your experience with us...You Know What To Do!!!