Wednesday, September 10, 2008 Political Action

In an effort to register half a million young voters in swing states, is almost giving away Obama t-shirts at the smallest donation of $8 to their young-voter registration program.


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enoch said...

When I first came to your planet and demanded your homes, property and very lives, I didn't know you were already doing so, willingly, with your own government

We need to remind ourselves of Albert Einstein’s admonition: “we can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” Trying to reform the political process makes no more sense than trying to reform the carnivorous appetites of jungle beasts.
If it is your desire to put an end to the violent, destructive, corrupt, and dysfunctional nature of government, stop wasting your time by focusing on the current management of the system. Rather than dutifully going to the polls to select from a narrow list of options provided you by political interests that you neither know nor control, you might want to inquire into who is providing the cast of characters – and writing the script – for a performance you are expected not only to attend, but to cheer.
To create a system which, by definition, enjoys a legal monopoly on the use of force, and then allow that system to become the judge of its own authority, is an error of such enormity that one can only wonder why grown men and women would be surprised to discover such powers being “abused.” Creating the system is the abuse. Directing our criticism to members of the present cast while overlooking the backers of the play – who have substitute performers waiting in the wings – exceeds the bounds of innocence.

Wake up America! Whether it be Obama or a McCain…. It’s all the same. Step out your boxes and declare a humanistic revolution overruling the voting ritual.
Just simply ask then find the answer to what would happen if nobody voted?

In times of universal deceit, truth becomes a revolutionary act.
-S. Carmichael-