Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Rapper Big Pooh on Lu...

Rapper Pooh is 1/2 of the DOPEST hip hop group out LITTLE BROTHER! As part of our What The Artist Say... series, we asked Pooh these questions...

What are your thoughts on Lupe Fiasco and What do you feel he brings to Hip-Hop?

and his answer to that question was...

"Lupe was a much needed voice in Hip Hop when the masses became aware of not only him, but his talent.

He is an artist who use words as if they are paint brushes creating pictures people will be analyzing for years to come."

Thank you BIG POOH for being apart of The Lupe Fiasco Show and chatting with us! Little Brother is currently out on tour with David Banner! check their MYSPACE for more information and tour dates :)

Stay tuned to the blog to hear what other artist have to say about our main man LUPE FIASCO!


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