Monday, October 27, 2008

Lupe Fiasco - Free

I just came across this song from Lupe on Youtube. It's called ''Free'' ( if it is the real title ).
Alott of people do believe that it's leaked from his new album, although he said he won't be working on that album until late next year. And this video has been added in May, so I guess it's just from a mixtape. Which one? I really don't know, I have all of his mixtapes but never heard of this one. Either way it's brilliant, the lyrics blew me away, the beat is nice to.

Here it is:


Anonymous said...

that song old as hell like 3/4 years old how can you run a lupe blogspot without out knowing these things

Anonymous said...

hell yah bout you try the "IT WAS WRITTEN MIXTAPE!" where are you gettin you source from if they're sayin itz off his upcoming albulm. Im tellin you this as a friend.......forget about trying to run the blogspot. You failed before the damn contest even started!

Anonymous said...

ditto ... just listen to the lyrics hes talkin about old stuff, any true fiasco fan can tell this old just by his voice and delivery... still hot but old

KayCee said...

lol don't be hard on him!