Saturday, November 1, 2008

LupE.N.D. Announcement (Video)

Shouts out to L.F.I. cuz that post below MADE MY NIGHT!!!!!!

Now, continuing on from his post is the video of Lu actually talking about LupE.N.D. (for the doubters and nonbelievers). Sorry if this post is kinda redundant, but the way he set up the announcement was just kinda dope and seeing as we are THE Lupe Fiasco fanbase, I figured y'all wouldn't mind.

Pulled this vid off of the lupE.N.D. blog, so shouts to them for the vid. It does have the same Superstar video attached to it (it's one long vid), so sorry about that.

Now, with all that aside:

"Now we just got one more to go
L - U - P - E.N.D."


Karl said...

yo thats my vid i took front row! part two is under you tube as Lupe Fiasco Superstar Acoustic Part 2 check it out

wicked night!!!

Zu said...

I wish I would have been there........ Either thnx for the vid, this is a great day for hiphop, and a great lose for hiphop.. The tripple disc album is great for hiphop, but Lupe re-tiring is a great lose for hiphop...

Anonymous said...

yo Zu, why do you keep saying Lose... did you mean to use a pun "Lu-se" haha... just messing wit yah

angelaaina said...

I so LOVE this guy! Three disc album? Damn!...But I'm still upset that Morehouse College dropped the ball and he did not have a concert in Atlanta on Oct. 22nd like he was supposed to. I hope he comes back though!


i'm so excited!! still sad it will be his last album but am glad he's still gona be performing and everything!!