Monday, December 29, 2008

Lupe Fiasco "Doing the Right Thing"

He is donating winter coats to the youth in his hometown of Chicago...

"Lupe Fiasco will be doing his part this holiday season by handing out winter coats to needy kids in his Chicago hometown.

Chi-Town’s Channel 7 news reports that the Grammy-award winning MC chipped in $5,000 in an effort to help families in the area. He has already given out hundreds of jackets on the East Side of town and plans on heading to his West Side neighborhood later today."


Nice to see Lu doing his part in improving his community :)


BDot: The Inspirmentalist said...

that's a very righteous thing lupe. i know it gets very chilly in the chi especially around jan.

good job man

-beats davis aka mentalist

S-Preme said...

Now Kaycee is spreading Lupe propaganda. Hop off his d1ck.