Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Year End Recap...Happy New Year's Everyone!

WHAT A YEAR 2008 HAS BEEN! It went by entirely to fast...i just thought id recap some highlights of the past year and a quick reminder of what we can expect from Lupe, FNF and this blog in 2009 :)

First thing of course was the release of The Cool (even though technically it was released in 2007 but who cares lol)

and the shout out heard around the world lol...Thank You again Sir Fiasco

The Cool Tour 2008

This tour was SOLD OUT PEOPLE! Every damn show Lu and the FNF fam killed it...The Femmes embarked on our "mini tour" heading out to 4 of the shows on the East Coast leg of the tour...what a adventure that was lol Shout out to Optimus! and Lupe for denying us at the signing in Baltimore but then generously inviting us backstage at the show only to FINALLY sign our cds :)

Lupe Fiasco wins Grammy for "Day Dreamin'"!!!

Even though Lu was under the weather and unable to attend the awards ceremony...he took home the Grammy for Best Urban/Alternative Performance for Day Dreamin' with Jill Scott...His mother and sister accepted the award for him....CONGRATS Lu!


Lupe announced that Kanye West, Pharrell Williams and himself have formed a supergroup that will go by the name of CRS (Child Rebel Soldiers) The first taste of CRS that we got this year was a track called "US Placers" that was featured on Kanye's mixtape...not only was the track DOPE AS ALL HELL...but it got the attention of Rolling Stone...with NO PUSH WHAT SO EVER...Nothing else was released and some are speculating that this supergroup will never even happen. I guess we will see in 2009!

The Glow in the Dark Tour 2008

Amazing, Amazing AMAZING SHOW! When Kanye announced that he was going to be touring this year and he decided to bring Rihanna, N.E.R.D, and LUPE FIASCO along with him i think thats the best thing that some of us could have heard in a long time...Lu opened the show...and many of his fans complained of missing his performance...all in all the tour was definitely a good look for Fiasco...i think he gained new fans and got crazy exposure from it...

"Superstar" Takes Over the worlddddddddddd ha ha!!!

Okay maybe not THE WORLD but damn that song was EVERYWHERE! Everwhere from VH1 to BET from Urban to Churban radio...Superstar was there...becoming by far his biggest record to date and going PLATINUM! The success of Superstar FINALLY got Lupe on shows such as TRL, 106 and Park and every damn late show you can think of lol...Hell froze over when Superstar was voted #1 onto 106 and Parks countdown...being the first time in a while im sure that any of us even bothered to watch the show....LUPE FIASCO IS HEREEEEEEEEEEEE lol

The Expansion of 1st and 15th

In 2008 Lu signed 2 new acts to his FNF label...1st was He Say, She Say, a funky boy/girl duo from the Chi that consist of Drea (vocalist, songwriter) and Mano (DJ, Producer)...the latest signing however had everyone on the net screaming...WTF!!!!!!!!

And that was Hey Champ! Cool guys, Dope Music...its no wonder Lu signed them

Lupe Fiasco's The Cool Goes Gold!

This BY FAR being the BIGGEST IMO of Lu's many accomplishments this year...The Cool becoming CERTIFIED GOLD BITCHES! Nothing else needs to be said...just watch the video...CONGRATS Lupe!!!!!!!!!!!

There were plenty of other things that Lu has done this year that deserves recognition...but these i feel are the major the year is can see that his hard work is paying off and he is finally getting the credit he deserves...being recognized by any and every damn blog, magazine, you name it...Lupe Fiasco is at the top of everyones list and HE IS the Best MC of our time...things can only get better in 2009 with the release of the first disc from his final album LupEND, a live album, a concert dvd (what we all have been waiting for lol),and releases from the FNF roster. FNF is just beginning to shine people!!!! The Lupe Fiasco Show would like to thank FNF for everything they have done to support this blog...and we will continue to support FNF in return....WE NOT GOING NO WHERE BITCHES! haha!

See yall in 09'


Joe E said...

Any word on when exactly the live album is coming out?

I really can't wait for that thing...

Lupe w/ a band behind him is almost too much to ponder.

Anonymous said...

Spring 09 homie

Ceejay said...

You said CRS only done Us Placers, but you forgot the Everybody Nose Remix.

Anonymous said...

A live album is coming out? I thought it was going to be a concert dvd. Oh well. A live album is even better. If this album sounds anything like the AOL sessions that lupe did a few years ago this album will be the ish.

Nadia said...

What a year for Lupe! But shoutout to my girl Kaycee too for doing such a good job and keepin' us updated!

Anonymous said...

A live album is coming out? I thought it was going to be a concert dvd. Oh well. A live album is even better. If this album sounds anything like the AOL sessions that lupe did a few years ago this album will be the ish.


i guess u didnt read the post...hes doing both..