Friday, January 16, 2009

myspace Music featured playlist: Lupe Fiasco

The Blueprint
Jan 15,2009
Lupe Fiasco

These songs are a blueprint of what shaped Lupe’s life as an artist.

1.Michael Jackson-Dont stop til you get enough

2.Johnny Cash-Man In Black

3.Gorillaz-Feel Good Inc.

4.N.E.R.D.-Bobby James

5.Linkin Park-One step closer

6.Nas-Black girl lost

7.Coldplay-A rush of blood to the head

8.Chris Brown-Kiss Kiss

9.Tom Waits-Small Change

"Kiss Kiss"??.....Really???


Joe E said...

I mean...that beat is kinda infectious, lol.

Cool list...his eclectic taste is well received. Shows people you can listen to more than hip-hop to be in hip-hop

amirah: the uncool said...

black girl lost? that was one of my first encounters into loving hip-hop. good choice, lupe...good choice. :-)

KayCee said...

and Michael Jackon is #1...Lu know whats up...THE KING!

ThekiD said...

"Bobby James" awesome!!! I'm even influenced by that one ^_^

Rich2021 said...

is japanese cartoon like ur new band name or was lupe ur rap name nd japanese cartoon is ur new aka for your new genre

Anonymous said...

Cool. "Kiss Kiss" was off but hey I guess it makes sense. Good guys finish first. :)