Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Lupe's Rules for Staying Balanced

(As told by TeenPeople) They basically went shopping with Lupe in New York, did an interview of sorts with him and took different quotes from the interview, flipped them, and made them into "Lupe's Rules for Staying Balanced." Gotta love Reporters and Interviewists...But I thought it was kinda funny, so yeah...Read it.

1) Lupe's a serious shoe fan, he's not too good at keeping them pristine. "My shoes are pretty funky," he says. "That's the point."
2) Beware of the road. "She's a vicious creature, the road," he says. "If you're not careful, she'll sink her claws into you..." (In the video clip they have, he actually had this weird/crazy accent on when he said this quote...Hilarious, well maybe not hilarious but it def. made me smile)
3) Remain neutral. "The best shopping is in L.A. and New York," he says. Looks like the Midwesterner won't weigh in on the constantly dueling coasts.
4) Improvise. "I hardly have any time to skate anymore," he explains. "I skate in my basement now so the walls and floors are all destroyed."
5) Speak in riddles. "I despise all animals. Actually I love animals," he says. "I just don't like them inside. I like them outside clamoring for warmth."
6) Laugh it off. "I was performing in Baltimore one night and my boy got on the mic and said 'DETROIT!! Make some noise!'" Just like any good friend would do, Lupe laughed his way off the stage before coming back out. (Bishop...tsk tsk tsk, You Dropped the Ball on that one....lol)
7) Take your time. "It takes me a month to write a song sometimes," he says. "I'll just build it from one theme or one word and think, 'How can I make a song from this word that conveys my thoughts and beliefs and what I want to put out into the world?'"

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