Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Lupe's #1 Fan of the Moment...????

So I decided to switch things up with the fan of the moment for this ummm...moment??? Okay so here's whats gonna happen. We have 2 people that are gonna duke it out for the Number One Spot as Lupe's Fan of the Moment. Throughout the next week and 1/2, they need to do whatever they can to convince everybody that they are Lupe's #1 Fan. The Fiasco Fam will come up with a series of tests and obstacles to test each contender (lol) and they are welcome to do whatever additional things they want to convince us all by the deadline of June 9th. Ok GOT IT???...Well LET'S GET READY TO RUUUMMMMBBBBBLLLLLEEEEEE...The game begins NOW!!!!!! AND FIGHT!!!

First Up We Have...

Name: Brandiva
age: 23
location: Detroit

I Love I decided to take a chance with this fan of the moment thing.....

1. I would have to say that I first fell in love with Lupe after I saw the Touch the Sky video I was like "who is that smooth brother in the suit?" and its been a Lupe life for me ever since.

2. I would have to say if I could steal one thing from would have to be his dapper ass lean (his swag...his style...etc...) who wouldnt wanna be the female equivalant to Mr. Fiasco?

And Brandiva's competition is none other than...

name: torabora
age: 17
location: Florida

1) I fell in love with him when I heard him rap for the first time, the song was Muhammad Walks (ya I'm Muslim), and I loved the beat from Jesus Walks but never agreed to all of the lyrics. I kept thinking it would be cool to listen to the beat without some of the lyrics. Then everything from there on made me love him even more; The fact that he is a Muslim/Skateboarder/Anime watcher/Geek/Macbook Pro owner/Gentleman/Politically aware/Joking person and his sense of Swagger just blew me away (oh and he makes excellent music). Just whenever I think he can't amaze me anymore, he comes up with something that blows my brains out (do you know what I'm talking about?)

2) It would be his Macbook Pro, but I got one for college so I'm gonna have to change it to his movement. The way he moves when he sings is mesmerizing, he doesn't just hold up some gangsta sign and wave it all day, he doesn't stand still, and he doesn't dance like someone mentally challenged (no offense) but he actually moves to the lyrics. (If you still don't know what I'm talking about then check out his Failure video on youtube)

Monday, May 28, 2007

Lupe, Kanye, Pharell

Gonna keep this Post Short & Sweet


Gangsta Bush

Some People Got Guns...Bush Got BOMBS!!!! You know how Big a Bomb is...HUGE... And Bush likes to Drop these bombs on Innocent People...BOOM...Is that a school?...BOOM...Is that a group of Kids?...BOOM... President of the United States of American Terrorism!!!!

Oldie But a Goodie

Written by Lupe

Hello again…As I type this I’m on the road heading to Boston or someplace to promote the album…I got my MacBook Pro in my lap and I’m bumping Daft Punk in the headphones…The van is fulla bags ’cause I have to carry three times the amount of luggage of a normal person…

Here’s the breakdown…
1 Part Regular Everyday Clothes
1 Part Clothes For Photoshoots
1 Part Clothes For Performances

Add in another bag with just sneakers and the bags of my entourage and you can pretty much see the picture…”Robot Rock,” by the way…

For this entry I wanted to let ya’ll in on a little secret…I’m here to distract you…yup yup that’s right…me and all my fellow brothers and sisters in the wonderful world of entertainment are merely distractions to keep you from focusing on what’s really goin on in the world around you…Spooky ain’t it?Now, this aint a grand conspiracy to trap your mind and transform you into mindless uniformed cogs in the machine…Or is it? Some distraction is necessary and even therapeutic…”HEY look a flying saucer!!!” and as you look up, I pull the splinter out of your finger or something…or other methods to draw attention away from the pain so the problem can be fixed…sorry kinda rambling…anyway, the point is, music, movies and TV are mediums of distraction used to kinda numb the pain, which in cases where the message within the distraction is one of an informative and positive uplifting nature it can be very good thing.

The danger lies where the message in the distraction is one of destruction and cannonfodder. These distractions are the ones that flood media today and really nothing meaningful is extracted from these…and believe you me that the distribution of this kind of information is done very deliberatly by the powers that be…the goal of this society is not to uplift and meaningfully inform, because that is not its nature…The nature of this society is to gain capital and maintain an unfair balance of power that resides in the hands of the producers…Consumers are meant to do just that: consume…To inform the consumer in a meaningful manner means to empower him and give him aspirations to become a producer…The producers know that this is a threat to to their position of power. If consumers all of a sudden start wanting to become producers themselves and become aware of the tools to do so, it upsets the balance and starts making things fair and harder to gain capital because people would just consume the goods they produce themselves…which goes against the nature of the society…So to maintain society, the consumers are kept dumb…and not just on a level of intelligence, because truthfully the consumers are either on the same level or even smarter than the producers…the consumers are kept dumb on all levels from the knowledge of opportunity to how to grow food to the operation of a sewing machine…

Ask yourself, did you create any of the items in the room you are sitting in right now?…Secondly, do you know where they came from?…The raw materials used to make them?…Their origins?…The process that renders the raw materials into usuable materials?…Can you produce any of the food in your refridgerator?…If u can’t (and trust me, I can’t either) I think you pretty much know where you stand…and I don’t think 98% of the magazines or newspapers or CDs or movies or television programs are going to teach us how…I mean, who owns the companies that distribute these things???…I bet you know the correct operation of a semi-automatic firearm and the ingredients and cooking instructions to make freebase cocaine and the proper technique of felatio and the winner of the last NBA championship and how Paris Hilton looks naked and that Christopher Columbus discovered America and how much a Maybach costs and…Hey, me too!

I close on “The Primetime Of Your Life”…Daft Punk is soooo fresh…“Why kill you when I can just not teach you and get the same results?”-A Real Gangster

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Take A Picture...FLICK FLICK

Thumbs Up...And Look, theres Bishop in the background


Those aren't Spirit Fingers...THESE are Spirit Fingers....LOL

Looks like somebody was caught dancing backstage.

But HEY, these two guys are some dancing fools!!! lol


Sag So Low You Can See Boxer...

Pop Lock and Drop It!!! LMAO...Lu looking like he doing the G5

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Trilly & Truly x Swagger

Boogie Bang 7

Remember the mixtape that Lupe was suppose to be hosting for DJ Trackstar...

Well Here it is

For More information go to: DJ TrackStar Myspace

Monday, May 21, 2007

Lupe's #1 HATER of the Moment

This is a new segment that I am adding to this blog...titled "Lupe's #1 Hater of the Moment." I personally believe that haters make the world go round, they provide motivation for you to DO YOU even more. If you don't have any haters, then I think YOU need to step your game up, because a hater is the first sign of success, it is a signal that you are doing something good. And as Lupe fans, we have defended him numerous times when HATERS try and say he's lame, or he can't rap, he's not lyrical, or when they base his whole career on Kick, Push. We've all seen massive amounts of Lupe Haters. So with this section, I would like to present the people who are helping advance Lupe's career by keeping him on their blogs, on the messageboards, or in a Miss Jones case, bringing more attention to his music.

And with that said, Here is Lupe's #1 Hater of the Moment...

Friday, January 5, 2007

Lupe Fiasco Thinks He’s Better Than You

I would like to introduce a piece that I will be doing from time to time where I will bring to your attention individuals that I personally do not like and you should not either; for very valid and un-superficial reasons. Today I will be featuring a one Lupe Fiasco…---I wanted to bring up some valid evidence to support my position. I found an interview that he did with

“I was so cool because I was from the hood, you know what I'm saying? [No, I don’t know what you’re saying] I could still relate to this person or that person you know [Yeah I know, I get it], but like for the most part it was like I had like this nerdy kind of like appeal because of the stuff I was into too. I was into comic books and you know [I’m not stupid! I have a blog duh] Japanese cartoons, and you know [So condescending right folks?] into classical music and reading, and different uncool stuff like that

"Maybe you think you're "original"? Guess what: A lot of black people like to skateboard and about 1.3 billion people are muslim. I don’t get you Mr. Fiasco. Call me old fashioned but the way I grew up, I don’t like what I don’t understand.

Sunday, May 20, 2007


Straight from Lupe's Myspace Bulletin...

Gemini's 1st&15th/Asylum Album "Troubles Of The World" Coming August!!!!
Joy Denalane Feat. Lupe Fiasco"Changes" (Video)**********************************************************************
CRS "Us Placers" PREMIERES 5.23.07!!!

Gemini "Fahrenheit 1/15 Part 5 Mixtape: Untamed Beast" June 07'!!!!!!

1st&15th"Lupe Fiasco's The Cool" Coming 10.31.07!!!!

1st&15th/Atlantic"FNF RADIO Presents: The Hot" Coming Fall 07'

Sarah Green Coming Soon!!!! 1st&15th

"Trilly&Truly + Swagger= Fall Of Rome" Autumn Apparel Collaboration Collection Coming Fall 07'!!!!"

Trilly&Truly" Apparel + Lifestyle Collection Spring 08'!!!!**********************************************************************

"FREE CHILLY!!!!!"...FNF UP!!!!!

Lupe Quotables


sadness is not eternal but sadness is necessary to really appreciate happiness...dont sulk in your sadness be grateful for what is not lost and know that happiness is around the corner waitin to beat the ass food out of your sadness!!!

I have these big ass ants with wings all over my house landed on me yesterday and I freaked out...I had to Lysol him unconcious then flush em' down the toilet...I abhor violence against animals but I just couldn't take it anymore...

If ya ever figure out time travel, let me in on the secret please!
Lupe: I think all u have to do is run backwards...and the spirit forces of leprchaun babies will take care of the rest............for a small fee ofcourse...

I can tapdance and grow a watermelon at the same time...while sleeping on the job as a fried chicken tester in a crackhouse

we missed u
Lupe: thats because u should use a high-powered scope with a laser beam attachment....

AND Here's a real old link I found about Lupe here or here...either one, doesn't matter, they're the same thing.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Texting Gone Wrong

Jean Grae's Hilarious Story of when she Texted Lupe about doing a song together...

Aside, funny story. I texted Lupe Fiasco, saying "can we do something?"

ok....I've spoken to Lupe, met him, he's a really nice guy.

I was TOTALLY talking about MUSIC. he replied "What?!?!?!?"

I was like, what? Ohhhhhh!!! OMG.. nooooooo.. I type back, " I MEAN A SOOONG".

He didn't reply.....hahahahahahahaa...

HAHAHAHAHA....LMAO...LOL......But isn't that just like a guy? LOL

Yet Another Interview

Original Article

You’re known as the “Best Kept Secret.” Your music is different from most rap music today because it has a clear purpose. Do you think because your music and not being the type to just sell records has something to do with your problems at Artista?
What happened at Arista is L.A. Reid got fired. So when he got fired, everything stopped. Everybody’s project stopped. It was more publicized with the Clipse. The Clipse are on Arista, and they had all that trouble trying to put their album out. They eventually had to go to Jive. It was the same situation for all the artists even for Ciara. We were all on Arista. Arista was like we’re done, and it was like what are we going to do. So, everybody had to find their own way to get out of Arista, and we actually got out of that system and went into the Warner Brothers system. So it was really because of that. It wasn’t because of any artistic reason; the CEO got fired.

You were in a group called Da Pak when you were nineteen?
I was in the group called Da Pak when I was eighteen. I got my first record deal when I was in high school, and I was with Da Pak. We were signed to Epic Records.

Did you like or dislike being in a group? Did you prefer being a solo artist?
The group fell through. That was more of the artistic kind of thing where it just wasn’t cohesive. We have put out maybe one single - really preliminary stuff – and never shot a video for it. It really didn’t do anything. It was like we were done.

Your father is an African Drummer?
Yes, he was. My father passed away.

Your mother: a gourmet chef. What cultural influences have your parents passed on to you?
Yes, my mother was a gourmet chef. They kept me with an open mind. They taught me how to see the world from many points of views as possible. So, that kind of comes out of my music. Like, my father introduced me to a lot of not only different people and cultures but music. And the same thing with my mother—real intellectual—so that kind has like carried over to me to want to be a thinker. I carried that thinking into my music, so that’s why the music has a certain weight and substance to it. It’s that a lot of thinking that goes into it.

You have nine brothers. Are you the only one that picked up on your parents’ artistic abilities?
I got nine brothers and sisters. My sister’s a dancer: she does African dance a bunch of other stuff. She’s a poet; she actually did the poem on the beginning of one of my records. So, she and I actually carry the artistic side of the family.

So, you’re also a businessman. You have your own record company: 1st and 15th. Tell me about your new artist Gemini?
We signed Gemini maybe like four, five years ago and just been developing him this whole time. He got his first hook on my album. He sung on a few songs because he sings and he raps, and he got his own shot on MTV My Block. They did a My Block Chicago. One of songs was the lead single on the soundtrack, so the video was on and all that stuff. Now, we’re rolling up to putting his album out independently. It’s called Troubles of the World so he’s dope!

Congratulations on your NAACP nomination for Best New Outstanding Artist and your two Grammy nominations. So, obviously people think you make good music. What do you want people to know about your music?
I don’t’ know. I don’t’ know. The question normally people ask is what do you want to be remembered for. I want to be remembered for not leading anybody astray. If I can leave with that legacy - on top of anything, on top of the music and everything else - then that’s cool.

Recently, there was an incident in which radio host Don Imus called the Rutgers’ women’s basketball team “nappy-headed hos.” Some argue that his comment is a mirror of what is already said in rap music. What is your response to that?
Well, the nappy-headed part, no because I haven’t really heard any hip-hop records which said nappy-headed—ever, so I don’t believe that. The hoes part—yes, they say hoes a lot in hip-hop. They said hoes a lot in the ‘70’s. It was pimps and hoes when there wasn’t any hip-hop. It’s always a way to fight against it.

People try to always point a finger at hip-hop, but hip-hop is just a reflection of society. I had my quandaries and battles with hip-hop and my complaints, but you can’t just single out hip-hop. I think what they are actually doing is making hip-hop more popular. You’re going to make that music more popular because when you point the finger, people rebel, and it makes them do what they are doing even stronger. It gives them more motivation to do it. We’ll see. I don’t know.

On your single “Daydreamin’’”, Neo-Soul Artist Jill Scott sings the hook. What other people or type of music influence yours besides rap music?
Yes, a lot of people. A lot of obscure people, like techno music, people like Johnny Cash, just regular mainstream like Nas. So there’s a lot of different influences and a lot of different people and lot different genres of music.

Your album is called “Food and Liquor.” Food is the good. Liquor is the bad. You once said you try to balance out both sides of you. Explain to me what you mean.
Everybody is capable certain amounts of good and certain amounts of evil. I think that’s human nature to walk on both sides of the fence to have that base contradictory within. I think that’s part of being human to make that. I guess, we walk that line of what sins we are going to do and what sins we are not going to do—what we’re going to shone and what we are going to accept and it’s just that. I’m not a goody-two shoes and I don’t put myself out there to be like I’m a goody-two shoes and super-conscience, super-positive dude because it’s not like that. Everybody has their dark side.

When you retire you said you want to step out on a positive note. This kind of goes back to what you said before. What are you doing or plan to do to make that happen?
Two more albums that I am going to really put my heart and soul into. And just fall back into the business aspect of it. Just try to make the best music that I can. Along as it has a solution. Everything I do has to have a purpose, not just make something just to make it. I don’t know we’ll see. We’ll see when we get there.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

And He Gets Discouraged

Turbo is back again with some EXCLUSIVE FRESHNESS that he has presented to this Blog...

You've heard of Lupe's, And He Gets The Girl...
Well Now you should go listen to Turbo's

And He Gets Discouraged


Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Republic Union

Let me present yall with a little Background information first, before I get into particulars...

Standing on years of progressive foundation of Mr Dano.S’s artistic influences, REPUBLIC UNION® represents its result. Each essences drawn were truly focused in depth, understanding its individual agendas and motives. Only delivering peak quality, meaningful and exquisite art on given media; just as its management pillars, STREET0404 CONNOISSEURS®. Its humble ground grips on remembrance that “No art or idea stands on its own; always a collaborative effort on its movement. Here it holds by the name of inspiration. To deny as such would mean illusive pride that holds no virtue - Mr Dano.S”. Unite the creative movement into the next level. REPUBLIC UNION® sounds its call.

REPUBLIC UNION® is THE DOPEST!!!! For many reasons...

For Reason Number One, They have one of our own Fiasco Fam members as apart of their family, Mr. Laissez Faire AKA Scotty...

And Mr. Laissez Faire is doing BIG THINGS, He's like 3/8 a celebrity, you should get his autograph or AIM screenname now before its too late...

Some of the plans that Dano S. and Laissez Faire are cooking up is REPUBLIC UNION® Radio which is is an outlet that is created to completely compliment the talents of vocalist, musicians and producers who are fans of REPUBLIC UNION®.

Sounds Cool Right? Don't you just wanna be apart of that? Well it might be your lucky day because heres what you can do to be apart of REPUBLIC UNION® Radio...

Submit a vocal recording, instrumental or song to REPUBLIC UNION®, create a song about the company and it will be featured on under the specific category of R. Unionists. If you cant make a song about REPUBLIC UNION® just shout it out on track to show your love of the push to progress the UNITED CREATIVE MOVEMENT. the best of the best tracks will be featured on REPUBLIC UNION® Radio, and promoted to the fullest.

Can't rap or sing that well? No Problem...Their slogan is the UNITED CREATIVE anything that embraces REPUBLIC UNION® while showing creativity is welcome.

Artwork, Graphic Designs, Regular Art, Graffiti, Game Designers, videos of you promoting REPUBLIC UNION®, even something as simple as writing REPUBLIC UNION® on a sheet of Paper and taking a picture of you holding the sign up. CREATIVITY is the Key!!

PLEASE SUBMIT EVERYTHING to the Chief Editor of REPUBLIC UNION® and the DJ of REPUBLIC UNION® Radio...Of Course Mr. Laissez Faire...

You can also hit him up with any questions, comments, suggestions or clothing inquiries that you may have can be sent directly to him.

And Reason Number TWO for why REPUBLIC UNION® is So Dope...THEY JUST ARE!!!!! And thats that...FIN!!!

Joy Denalane Feat. Lupe Fiasco


Lupe Youtube Overload

Clip of Lu doing Kick, Push, but thats not all...He grabs somebodies skateboard from out the crowd, and starts skating onstage. He even does a trick or two...Watch the video!!!

Just Lupe talking to the crowd, but its funny though...

Near the end of this clip, after He Say She Say is over, Gemini rips it on stage...Ya Gotta See This One!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Here's What Cornel West thinks of Lupe

If you don't know who Cornel West is, then Google him. I had the chance to hear him speak and it was amazing. But here's what he has to say about Lupe...

"I've never met Lupe Fiasco, but I like that brother. Oh, lord, he's a free, young brother who honestly speaks his mind. That brother hits American terrorism, the American empire and still talks about his skateboard. I love that kind of freedom because, in the end, we've all got to be ourselves and that takes courage"

I don't know how old this quote is, or if Lupe has met Cornel now, but I DO KNOW that if a man like Cornel West says he likes you, then you must be doing alright for yourself.

A Few of Lu's Fav Things

Favorite movie:"My favorite movie is probably, I should think of a movie that I watch over and over and over again; I really like 'Ronin,' with Robert De Niro. I've probably watched that movie like 25, 30 times."

Favorite book: "My favorite book is probably '1984,' under the Quran. The Quran, that's not even a favorite. That is my book. It's the book. But my favorite literary work is probably '1984' by George Orwell. Orwellian thought really captured me when I was in high school."

Favorite album: "My favorite rap album is Nas, 'It Was Written.' That's my favorite hip-hop album."

Favorite city: "Favorite thing of all time, or favorite place, how about favorite city? Favorite city is Paris. It's probably the most beautiful city in the world, architecturally and the way it's put together, just certain parts. But, overall, it's one of the most beautiful cities that I've ever been to, and there's just something about it. There's something mysterious and sexy about Paris, the language and everything. It's just dope."

Monday, May 14, 2007

Article on Lupe Fiasco

This is a very long read compared to the short snippets I usually post. So pop you some popcorn, get you a drink, tape your eyelids open, just do whatever you need to do to get through this article. But you should definitely read it...

Original Article

Rapper Lupe Fiasco is making a name for himself, his way

Chicago-based rapper Lupe Fiasco may have achieved critical acclaim and widespread popularity with his 2006 debut album, "Food and Liquor," which was co-produced by hip-hop bigwig Jay-Z and earned him three Grammy nominations.

But he is far removed from the fast-living, bling-loving rappers that make up the top echelon of the hip-hop world. Fiasco first gained attention because of his unique perspective and sound. A devout Muslim who doesn't drink or smoke, Fiasco positioned himself as a voice for the world's nerds and middle class, rapping about skateboarding and social issues. The title of his single "Kick, Push" refers to a skateboarding move, while songs like "American Terrorist" tackle tough issues like race and class with sly intelligence.

Currently traveling the country on a tour of college campuses, which brings him to Iona College tonight, he is also one of the few hip-hop artists featured on the lineup of this year's Coachella Festival, happening in California this weekend. Fiasco is thrilled to appeal to such a varied audience.

And he welcomes the challenge of trying to deliver a live performance that is kinetic enough to compete with the rock acts he is performing alongside at Coachella.

"I just did Big Day Out, which is a big festival in Australia," Fiasco says by phone during a Boston tour stop. "To me, it's like rock bands give the best shows, because they have so much to work with. ... So, I look at it as a competition - hip-hip versus rock 'n' roll - and see who can give the better show on the same stage to the same crowd. So I'm actually really looking forward to that. I think we go on with Rage Against the Machine. And I love rock. I look at my shows like they're rock shows, as opposed to hip-hop shows. So hopefully, it should be good."
While Fiasco is thinking beyond the confines of hip-hop, both in terms of his audience and his sound, he admits that he cares about having won the respect of his hip-hop peers more than any of the other kudos he has received.

"I don't want to overstep my bounds or sound arrogant or anything like that," says Fiasco. "But a lot of my co-signatures, and a lot of those things that push people to garner respect in the hip-hop community, which is basically other people saying that you're dope, I got that from all of the greats, even prior to my album coming out. So, I kind of got that respect level within the hip-hop community, whether it be from Nas, or just the regular underground MCs."
It was the early support of Jay-Z that elevated Fiasco from an underground mix-tape legend to a major player in the hip-hop scene. His debut album featured guest spots by Jay-Z and Jill Scott, and he has collaborated with the likes of Kanye West. He's also currently working on a top-secret hip-hop super group. But, now that he's made a name for himself, his next album will be more of a solo affair.

"As far as my album, the collaboration will be very, very small, maybe one or two that we're really looking to do," says Fiasco. "Everything else, we're going to kind of keep in-house. But I am working on another top-secret project, like this super group with me and a couple of my homies, who you know very, very well. I'm not going to say. But we're cooking something up in the kitchen to see if it will work."

After his current tour, Fiasco plans to head home to Chicago to record his sophomore album in May. He confesses to feeling some pressure after the huge success of his debut, but he's more concerned with identifying what he wants to talk about on the album, and how these issues will be presented, than how it will be received.

"I've been developing it, so I know what I'm going to talk about," he says. "I'm not going to give any leaks though, yet. Well, what am I talking about? I leaked it to a few people. It's basically, there was a song on the first album called 'The Cool,' which was about a guy who got killed, a drug dealer, and he came back to life. And so, like the story of the album - I don't know how intense in that direction I'm going to go - but the direction of the album is going to be based around that character. That's been the fight, I kind of nailed what I'm going to talk about, and the battle has been how to do it, the actual construction of the album. ... But I'm going to let that figure itself out when I go in and start recording."

While he's still uncertain of the specific issues he'll address on his next album, Fiasco is always candid about his faith and how it feels to be a Muslim in America during these troubled times.
He believes the American public has a relatively accurate idea of what it means to be a Muslim, and that news outlets do a good job of presenting balanced information on the issues surrounding Muslim fundamentalism. And, at the end of the day, he feels that all people face the same struggles, and want the same things, no matter what religion they may practice.
"We all got to eat, and we all need money to buy food to eat," says Fiasco. "... Everybody got to work. Everybody got to come home. Everybody got bills. Everybody got taxes. Everybody has the same strife and the same struggles. It's just the way you dress it up, and that's where you find the division."

Such issues are just a few of the things on Fiasco's mind these days. An ambitious businessman in the mold of Jay-Z and Diddy, his own music is just one of his many endeavors. His label, 1st & 15th, has several upcoming releases that he is excited about, including rapper Gemini, who made a guest appearance on his debut and is touring with Fiasco. Fiasco is also planning to bring back his college radio show, FNF Radio. The show, which found the hosts spinning their favorite songs and discussing current events, is on hiatus but can be heard on the Internet. Fiasco is seeking distributors for the show and also working on his own clothing line. For Fiasco, the new challenges are a welcome addition to the creative pursuits he is juggling quite comfortably.

"Now that I have time to not be an artist, where it's like just go perform, but I actually have time to take on some of the responsibilities of running the label in a more executive capacity, I'm really, really focused on the company, and improving the company, and ... everything about, 'How can I make the company better?' " he says. "… It's just me, sitting back, managing all of that stuff, and hopefully trying to make it work, which is my new thrill these days."

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Not One But TWO Interviews

Afterward with The Fiasco

Lupe Fiasco & the Interviewer, Erica

The interview with Musiq Soulchild was a smooth process. We sat down, talked and everything went pretty much as expected. If only that could be said for Lupe Fiasco. There is a reason why he has the Fiasco attached to his name.

This man put me through fire in order to interview him. I tried to interview him before the concert; he nonchalantly said afterward. Cool.

After his set, he tells me (twice) to give him 15 minutes. I'm still cool. Then things got a little different. Sensing my anticipation to get an interview, he signals me over to him. He then proceeds to use his Blackberry, walk around and then we sit down on the bleachers. Musiq Soulchild is about to go on any minute. He says to take a seat and relax.

Sitting next to him the entire Musiq set and feeling like a 4-year old, I do as I'm told and wonder when and if this interview will ever take place.

While I had to talk slowly, as Lupe did the robot for the duration of the interview, I cannot complain, because I finally got him.

So, how did you feel about performing tonight?
Good. Really nice. I don't really care about the crowd; they can all sit there. If I don't have the crowd, I entertain myself.

What genre of hip-hop would you place yourself in?
Non hip-hop, experimental hip-hop. I go against the grain.

Do you feel as though hip-hop has lost its place?
It's been monetarily driven. Don't take responsibility to be a hip-hop savior. It's all about what the consumer wants.

What do you seek for your music to do?
Do not want to lead people astray.

Do you ever feel like your material may be too heavy for listeners to digest?
Of course. I can't appreciate fine Swiss cheese and caviar. Even though it's the best, I can't appreciate because I don't like it. The same goes with music.

Do you ever feel as though you are in Kanye West's shadow?
No, I was never in his shadow. I was just featured on a track with him ["Touch the Sky"].

Being from Chicago, do you feel like you have to be socially conscious?
No. I have an intellectual background. [Through my music] I'm just trying to clean up my mistakes. I'm not trying to go to hell.

When you first came out, your image was very different, but now the skateboarder look is the hottest thing. Were you nervous about how your image would be perceived?
I was not nervous at all. I like what I like, people like it because it's fly. I have reached the epitome of flyness. I was GQ Man of the Year for 2006.

What is more important, packed concerts or album sales?
Packed concerts. You can make the same amount of money doing 15 shows as you do selling 500,000 copies.

Around this time, Musiq Soulchild comes backstage from his performance. He and Lupe start busting it up and laughing like the best of friends. Not to mention groupies have snuck backstage to get their bids in. It was time to go.

Here's Another Interview from that same night when Musiq & Lupe performed in the same show...

Original Article

You and Musiq have a lot in common, and I saw you both talking and having a good time after the show. What do you think of him?
He's dope man. And he's been dope. What's he got, four albums now? And they're all solid. That's really hard to do.

Musiq and I were talking before about his interest in Hip-hop and I heard him joking that you'd better watch out. You were giving him some advice, and you were also saying you had a theory that Hip-hop would be changing in three months?
Hip-hop needs a booster shot. Like when they banned N.W.A., people wanted to get into rap because they wanted to be rebels. We're the most rebellious country in the world - this country was built on rebellion. But right now Hip-hop is rebelling against positivity, and it's gonna start destroying it systematically. They have the wrong people speaking for us. You see these guys on TV and they're not even aware, like when you know you have the whole world looking at you, and you still hear the shit that comes out of their mouths. It's a bad day to be a "bust-your-gun" rapper.

You were saying you would like to get into some other genres of music, too. What are you interested in?
Yeah man, Hip-hop is stale right now. I went over to Europe and mashed up [The Gorillaz]album and they loved it. I wanna try a lot of new things.

It's evident in your lyrics you're very political, and tonight during the show you said "fuck Bush" twice. So, it's apparent you're not happy with the current administration. Who will you be voting for?
Hillary Clinton. See people automatically think Barack Obama because he's black, but no, I want to see a woman run this country. That would be amazing to see, if the President of the United Sates was a woman. Why's that?It would rock the world. See, I would love to have Barack win because it would be a victory for black people, but if Hillary won, it would be a victory for mankind. Imagine if you could motivate all the women in the world. That would be a beautiful thing.

Well you seem to have a lot of strong, informed opinions. What to you is the biggest issue facing America right now?
Pop culture. How so?Because pop culture is the anti-Christ. In all cultures there is a God or some kind of religious figure, but in pop culture there is no God. It takes God away and you away from God. (Lupe stops to sign autographs and take pictures with fans. After a picture he turns and, as if he was either joking with his answer before or he changed his mind, simply says…) Education.

OK, well now that you say that, what do you have to say to students about it?
Share it. If they are going to get a $100,000 education, give it to someone who can't afford it. It's not that hard.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

FNF Army

See Lu with the FNF Army Tee on...


Click here for details on How To Get A Shirt

International Blog I Told You So

So I was doing my regular searches that I do to find material for the blog and ran up on something that just made my day...If you click on the picture to get a bigger view of the image, you can see that somebody has included my blog in the information section to find out more about Mr. Lupe Fiasco.

I was kinda excited about that, just wanted to share it with you guys. WE MOVIN ON UP LIKE GEORGE AND WEEZY...

Who's A Bigger Supporter Than RHOyal???

Name: 1 RHOyal Fiasco
Age: a very young 27
Residence: Bay Area, CA but soon to be Chi Town in July (no, not for Lu... For grad school)

I'm going to have to go out on a limb and say that I am Lupe's #1 Supporter (I hate the word fan) outside of his immediate family and close friends... But not of the moment... I am now and forever will be two steps above the rest... I've flown from coast to coast to go to his shows... I've been to 9 shows so far... Obviously, I own F&L in addition to a variety of mixtapes (including, but not limited to: Fahrenheit 1/15 The Truth is Among Us, Revenge of the Nerds, A Rhyming Ape, Lupe the Jedi, Touch the Sky, etc...)... EVERY high school and junior high school that I work at, the children know how I feel about Lu and have, of their own accord, began calling me Ms. Fiasco... I am constantly in debates with grown men about why he is a dope lyricist... I have back issues of tons of mags he's been in (even ones from the UK)... I even got his name on my sorority jacket...

*When did you first become a fan of Lupe?*
Well... It is somewhat of a continuous process... Everytime I see him ,I love him more and more... But here's the rundown:
In late 2005, Kanye West's *Late Registration* came out and his verse on *Touch the Sky* was bananas (I'm tryin' to stop Lion like I'm Mum-Ra... GENIUS!)...In early 2006, I had lunch with a friend of mine who was raving about Lupe and his song *Kick Push*, which I'd never heard... Soon after this lunch meeting I heard his song and thought it was clever... The day before his album came out, I heard him on the radio and he was sooooo funny and seemed like such a cool dude. He played a few songs off the album including *He Say She Say*. But when he played *The Cool*, I knew I was gonna go get *F&L* the next day, and I did... He came to Frisco (San Francisco, for the lames) on 11/07/06 and my friend bought me tickets as a late birthday present (my B-day is 11/02)... And after seeing him live, I was hooked... I have been to 9 shows: Frisco, DC, Baltimore, LA, Vegas (twice), Riverside and Cleveland with no signs of stopping in the future... If I could, I'd go to EVERY show (I actually looked into plane tickets to Nihon (That's right KennyKenKen, I am familiar with the language), Australia and Canada. I'm a substitute teacher though and it's kinda hard to make that income stretch. So, for now, I'm going to have to confine my travels to the states...

*If you could steal one thing from Lupe, what would it be?*
Uhmmm... I wouldn't steal from him... However, I plan on asking him for a job. I'm going broke traveling across the country so it would be a lot easier if I worked for FNF so I could travel and go to shows for free...

I have to agree that you are DEFINITELY Lu's #1 Supporter. Your 9 shows really do spit all over my measley 1 show. But after Lollapalooza, when me and KayCee complete our "Hershey Agenda" (KayCee, I've named our mission, so its Official now and we HAVE to do it LOL) Then maybe we can actually compete with you because right now, AIN'T NOBODY EFFIN WIT YOU...NOT NOBODY!!!! And anybody who think they are...CHALLENGE HER TO DUEL, and I GUARANTEE YOU WILL LOSE. MUAH!!!!!

Friday, May 11, 2007

More Lupe Quotables

Welcome to my world, where you get free shoes and stalkers.

I remember Exorcist came on late tv I was like 10 or something...I had scarfed down a bunch of veggie and threw up all of it in my sleepin sisters hair hahaha she was pissed

(to the tune of Chris Brown's Run It) It's some ham / on the flo' / should I eat it / Let me know / I wanna put it in my stomach, stomach

Now, I know I always say I try not to curse, but I really felt I had to fight ignorance with ignorance on this…I hate people who just talk to talk…and love to ridicule other people just so they can get attention….I’m well aware I can’t please everyone so I don’t try to and a lot of criticism just goes in one ear and out the other…But when people of some form of stature or merit that have a public forum in which they can share their thoughts and personal feelings such as this nigga right here get to yapping about some nonsense about me you best believe I’ll be right there to jump dead off in yo ass homey…Now on a lighter note…My favorite colors are blue and purple and my favorite food is anything that my Mama cooks….

Interviewer: Well, you have a great vibe, no doubt.
Lupe: Cool, cool, now let me go out here and sell some crack. I'm kidding.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

What is Hip-Hop???

Just a little something to watch for now...Enjoy!!!

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

View More Pics (More Myspace Comments)

Do you think that maybe we could daydream together or even count ants or read comics or just talk...yeah talking sounds good!!i thank heaven for you... your awesome lupe stay intellectual the world needs it!

your such a sexi glass wearin person

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm very sexy sensual very handsome very rugged and manly love your sexy dawggone styles u rock lupe!!!!

AH............ Marry Me, I'll cahnge your life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

U look super yummy........ummmmmmmmmmmm

look like u bout ta shoot somebody



damn lupe i need to meet ya sexy ass in person

I love you cutie! So...when are we going to get married? You're so freaking intelligent and sexy.

I see you gettin' ur grown man own. U look a little older here. (I guess you look your real age here because normally you look like a baby).

(LMAO...Damn Lu, You gettin Major Marriage Proposals...I guess one more won't hurt...WILL U MARRY ME??? Just thought I'd ask since everybody else was doing it. And Yes, if everybody else jumped off a bridge, I'd do that too...LOL. )



WORLDWIDE BABY...International Blog, I told you so!!!!

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

For Your Viewing Pleasure

Abstraxx Tee inspired by Lupe's song, Daydreamin...Wanna get one?

This picture is SOOOOOOOOOO LUPE... Wearing Triko's Floss Jacket

This Orange is ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL...Orange may now Officially be my favorite color to see on a man, after Purple and Butt Naked of course. LMAO...Just Playing, couldn't resist, I heard somebody say that on TV last night and thought it was Hilarious.

Why is Everybody else Ready for the Photo Op except You Bishop?!?...tsk tsk tsk...You're Dropping the Ball Mr. Platform OG

Getting Fresh... Is that DJ Simon cutting his hair? Well, I guess my chances of being the Official FNF Hair Cutter is over, Time for Plan B, Official FNF Shoe String Tyer.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Starring Lupe Fiasco featuring Bishop G and the rest of the FNF crew. Made Officially for this Blog...Ya Gotta Love It!!!!

DrumRoll Please

It gives me great pleasure to announce to you all, that we have TWO (2) New Members of this thang we call FIASCO FAM

(the current #1 Lupe Fan of the Moment)

and newly drafted member...
Sammy Mac

And its not Officially OFFICIAL unless they have their TITLE...So...

So Radhiya I Dub Thee...Hostess of the Blog, Greet all the new members, make them feel welcome, and let them know how DOPE it is to be an OFFICIAL member of the FIASCO FAM!!!

And Sammy Mac you shall be the First Lady of the Blog. You may be one of the biggest Lupe Fans I've ever encountered, I mean Lupe even replied to your message on Myspace. Keep Lovin' Lu is all you really have to do.


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Just A Little Reminder

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Lu Groupie Encounters:

Send me your story of when you met Lupe Fiasco or other members of the FNF Crew...(DISCLAIMER: I know how some people take offense to the word groupie, but just so you know, I don't mean groupie in a derogatory sense, but as a general term for someone who becomes excited when they meet a celebrity. Tis all.)

FIASCO FAM T-Shirt Design Contest

Send everything to:

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The Lupe Fiasco Show Messageboard

Suggestions, Questions, Comments, Concerns, Ideas???

Or if you wanna jus say hey and let me know how much you adore my blog...WHATEVER

Hit me up at

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Oh Yeah...New Members of Fiasco Fam...COMING SOON...

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Turbo from TSST- Cool 2


The Scramblin' Scholar Team

You may remember he did Twilight Zone Pt. 2 and now you can listen to his rendition of
Given EXCLUSIVELY to this Blog!!!

Krusty likes it...
And so do I...

Check out His Myspace for more songs...

Scramble Team Myspace

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Laissez Faire's Personal Pics

You Can See More Pictures Here...

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You Can Still Purchase Shirts...

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Hit Laissez Faire up at for more information.

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FNF Army UP!!!!

Republic Union UP!!!


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Performance Shots

If You Haven't Been To A Show...

I feel Sorry For You...LOL