Monday, February 26, 2007

Still Undecided

I still have no idea where I want to go with this blog...I've been YouTubing real heavy and Googling interviews and information on Lupe but I've been seeing alot of the same things. I'm just tryin to get some ideas and things, but I've just basically been posting stuff that I found and thought was kinda interesting. But I'm still searching for some type of something that will officially inspire me so that I can really BEGIN this blog. ANY IDEAS!!! ANYBODY!!! (Well I know nobody reads this blog yet but me, but I still feel that I should ask...LOL...kinda lame I know...but Whatever, any type of feedback is good even if its my

So here are some more meaningless tidbits that I've come across...

I actually have a group on facebook and here are some of the comments that members of the group have made about Lupe, Food & Liquor, FNF...blaise blaise blaise

i love lupe
i downloaded a bunch of songs but im still going to buy the album

I cant, I wont, i cant, i wont let u leave. The Hotness ; )

stop sleeping on this dude, album is a classic...and hes no gonna get any
recognition for it cause everybody is loving this wack ass bubblegum rap

The guy is exactly wat Hip Hop has needed for a good while...screw all that snappin and leanin and rockin and bowin or watever...Hip Hop is back! FNF UP!

"Cool on food for thought, but for Lupe I'm a starver" ...thats why Im gonna see his fine ass in BOston on Mar.13th!!!! holla

(MY GROUPIE MOMENT... His Style and Swagger is Rather Sexy. So I feel you Honey...Okay Groupie Moment DONE !!!!)

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