Friday, March 30, 2007

Calling All Fans!!!...I SAID CALLING ALL FANS!!!

I have been getting alot of emails...well not alot but enough...and I have been prompted to create a section where fans with skills...(You know Bowhunting skills, NumChuck skills...Sorry couldn't resist, I love Napolean can show them off.

But really, any type of talent you may have that you use to express yourself in some way, shape or form.

Be it music, art, videography, photography, fashion design, graphic design, crocheting, WHATEVER YOU DO, I want to see it and I'm sure other fans do too.

This is the start of the Official LUPE FIASCO FAN ARTWORK SECTION of this blog...

I've made the process simple enough to get me your creations, even for the laziest blog reader...

(1) An email...YES AN (Yes I've changed my email for the blog to this new one...much more simpler right?? You can still use the old one if you like)

And in this email, you can include a link, an attachment or whatever to the work that you would like to give to me to display on the blog.

Also, Name, Age, Location, description of what you're sending in, and whatever other random information you would like to include...

Trying to make this short, So LSS (long story short for the lames), Get off Yo Ass and send me your Fan Work!!!!

Thanks, MGMT.

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