Thursday, April 5, 2007

Lu Luh The Kids

This is Probably Old...But Who Cares...

Digital Youth Afterschool Program students document suprise visit from rapper Lupe Fiasco! With no advance notice, students record song and conduct interview.
Lupe, a Chicago native will be releasing his debut album this summer on Altantic Records/First and Fifthteenth.

NKO students were quick to react to the suprise appearance, taking advantage of the skills they have learned in their DY pods. While the students from Digital Music quickly pulled Lupe upstairs to the music studio, the Digital Video pod immediately grabbed still and video cameras to document the experience.

After the recording session with Digital Music pod students, Digital Video students sat Lupe down for a professional one-on-one interview.

Students are currently working to edit the footage of Lupe's time in NKO's music studio and the impromptu interview by the Digital Video pod.

I told you Lu Luh the Kids...Maybe more than Trick Daddy now...

But watch the video clip or listen to the audio of Lu and one of the kids, Ill Will, freestylin...
(Isaac, Lu even mentions that One of A Kind Maharishi
Land Rover in the freestyle)

Here is the link (KennyKenKen) the downloadable audio of the freestyle...UR WELCOME!!!

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