Friday, April 27, 2007

Smorgasboard of Lupe Fiasco Videos

The link above contains a plethora of videos showcasing Mr. Lupe Fiasco...

There is a video of him answering the basic interview questions and then him answering fan questions (even the most mysterious, untouched question that all his fans (or better yet Stans) are obsessing over and dying to know)

Then there's the videos of him performing Failure and Tilted Live (with a little bit of Don't Get it Twisted mixed in one of them) And then the videos that he released...You know, You've Seen Them.

Check it out...(and yeah its old, but who cares? Cause I don't)

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The_First_Lady_Of_FNF said...

Humm... For some reason when I seen that pic. I was wondering what he looked like underneath the shirt lol... like his abs lol and no im not a groupie.. but still.. he's a skinny minny which = cutie-pa-tootie