Thursday, April 5, 2007

Worst Case Scenario

There is a post on Lupe's messageboard entitled "lupe's girlfriend," I personally think the entire post is Hilarious, especially this response by Dano S.

the question itself is a scare.. lets put it in the worst scenario.. u with asniper, up in the tree, aiming str8 at his gf while toking to urself "so thatswho u r, huh, girl.. well lupe is mine!!!".. then the trigger is pulled..groupie? stalker? but then again im sure u ladies here are ladies.. not a cracker.. hope so..

I thought it was so funny in fact, that I threw some pictures together, and created a scene of some sorts depicting this worse case scenario...LOL

Click image to see it full-sized

LMAO...I did that in like 15 minutes or less...Yeah I know it looks like it but whatever...ITS STILL HILARIOUS...Yeah Im a Dork

DO YOU HAVE ANY WORST CASE SCENARIOS??? I have more that I thought of that are HILARIOUS...(damn I need a new word) LMAO...When I get some more pictures together I'll do another one. I think this may Officially become a new section of the blog...

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