Tuesday, May 8, 2007

DrumRoll Please

It gives me great pleasure to announce to you all, that we have TWO (2) New Members of this thang we call FIASCO FAM

(the current #1 Lupe Fan of the Moment)

and newly drafted member...
Sammy Mac

And its not Officially OFFICIAL unless they have their TITLE...So...

So Radhiya I Dub Thee...Hostess of the Blog, Greet all the new members, make them feel welcome, and let them know how DOPE it is to be an OFFICIAL member of the FIASCO FAM!!!

And Sammy Mac you shall be the First Lady of the Blog. You may be one of the biggest Lupe Fans I've ever encountered, I mean Lupe even replied to your message on Myspace. Keep Lovin' Lu is all you really have to do.


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1 RHOyal Fiasco said...

Yes Yes... We're officially 8 deep...