Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A Letter To Lupe

Artscape Photos and the lustrious detailed account I promised will be coming very soon.....VERY SOON!!!!

This letter was found on a blog that I forgot the website of...SORRY!!!!

Dear Lupe Fiasco:

I had heard of you a while ago, but your name was silly to me, so I didn't really pay attention. I grew up on hip hop but I've disasocciated myself with most of it in the past five years or so because a lot of it sucks balls or makes me sick.

Then one day about three weeks ago, the local NPR music critic lauded your newest album, pulling bits of it, playing it. I was confined to my car, stuck on Hollywood Boulevard and so I was obligated to listen. When "Kick Push" came on the air, I could actually listen to the lyrics of your music and smile for once. It made me happy. As he went through the album picking his favorite songs and telling his demographic of old white people about the skateboarding rapper, I fell in love.

So, today when I saw this article on Billboard.com, with you talking about your next album, I immediately got excited. I look super forward to it and hopefully, you can get the rest of Pink Floyd to work on it with you.

Thanks for everything,



Anonymous said...

i was there i recoreded the whole thing how do i post it....

Anonymous said...

i was there it was awsome... but i was really angry that a lot of people were taking up space from lupe fans and wernt moving at all