Wednesday, July 25, 2007

My Wonderful Pictures from Artscape

I just wanna address a few comments...

I was not laughing at the Gamers because of their culture and what they love...I believe that everyone should have something in life that they love and do with a passion...I was only laughing because some of the costumes were HILARIOUS...nothing more, nothing less. When I see something funny I laugh, thats all. I LUV GAMERS!!!!

And to the guy standing behind me, I had no idea you would be reading this...LOL...I even asked to read what your shirt said...I liked it. And now that I know you read my blog, I want to apologize to YOU, for what I dont know. lol...But you really weren't annoying, it was the heat and I fully understand the enthusiasm, cause Lupe was great.

And Yeah Meli Mel, the part of the show where Lupe said "I wanna dedicate this next song to the most gangsta white man I know"...and then Lu points in the crowd and says, "Is that You White Man" LMAO...I totally forgot about that...HILARIOUS!!!!

Okay now you can enjoy my photos, which were taken on a busted down Kodak Easyshare, but my phenomenal photography skills overrided the quality of my camera and these wonderful photos were produced.



brandiva said...

great pics...mine arent that good..kudos to your photography skills and your easyshare

Meli Mel said...

GREAT pics....def. couldn't tell your camera was "busted down"....good J.O.B....&& Did he have on Converse?? and my friend were trying to figure that out the whole time...

p.s. i got some short but cool where he rides that skateboard across the stage and goes into kick push...and the intro to American Terrorist when he bashes George W....and more if you're