Monday, July 2, 2007

RU Radio...Hear, Be Heard, R U Truly

I'm Still on vacation (Florida is beautiful even with the torrential rains that came through yesterday) but I have to do a quick update and let you all know to check out...

REPUBLIC UNION RADIO has launched so make sure you check it out.

Two different shows to check out...

The K-Man Show with our very own Fiasco Fam member, Laissez Faire aka DAVEY BABY!!!! LOL

G+D Airtime with Emcee Garuda and the Wonderful Mr. Dano S.

Thanx for the Shoutout Dano...I greatly appreciate all the love you show us.

Fiasco Fam will always support Republic Union.

Now EVERYBODY ELSE, GET YO ASS TO THE SITE...It has been revamped with Extra Freshness...It still has that new smell to it, like when you get a fresh pair of kicks...SO CHECK IT OUT!!!!

LMAO...I just read through this again, and the phrase of the day is "Check It Out"...LOL....damn I need a new phrase. But Forreal, CHECK IT OUT!!!! LOL

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