Friday, July 20, 2007

To BMore I Go

Yo What Up, What Up!!!!
Great day isn't it???

Well guess what??
(Wait for it...Wait for it... )

Tomorrow for me, KayCee G, and Meli Mel
(whom I am assuming is still going)
will be EVEN BETTER because
(DrumRoll Please.......)

(And the crowd goes wild)
Can't Make it to this show?

Don't Fret because when I return I will be giving the full blow-by-blow
(lol...nevermind scratch that)

I will be giving you the most lustrious detailed account of a concert that you have ever witnessed. So when I return BE READY to experience the Lupe Fiasco Show through my eyes, with mounds and mounds of photos for your viewing pleasure...

(Oh and if anybody can tell me what cartoon I got that phrase from I will feature you on my blog as the coolest M'Fer Alive)


im headed to bmore bitch! said...

I cant wait bitches!!!!!!!!! see yall in bmore!!

Meli Mel said...

The show was great....did ya'll end up going??...I didn't know who to look I was very upset that random people were sitting watching the show in their lawn chairs (half of whom didn't even know who Lupe was)....BLOCKING THE FLOOR FOR ALL THE REAL LUPE FANS!!!!!! Anybody else pissed about that??....I was the 10th degree....

....this woman had the audacity to be playing a bowling game on her phone during his set...she kept telling her friend that she was just waiting for him to get off stage....The hood in me wanted to say "well get the F off of the floor then trick!'re wasting valuable space!!!!!"
...but I kept it cool...I still got some cool videos....

kay the avid lupe supporter said...

Yes i went i was wearing the shirt that said FNF Up in the back and Free Chilly in the front...Got to get up with Lupe before the show...I love that man...Bishop said that bmore is wack and he was right...and he's a dirty bastard still...they really wasnt feeling lupe at all...them old ass people sitting on lawn chairs was straight fuckery...i made my ass to the front though lol...cant wait to go to chicago and see Lu and the crew again...i will be taking picture next time...this time ill just jack Megan's shyt...FREE CHILLY! FNF UP BITCHES!