Monday, August 13, 2007

Again I Say It, I LOVE CHICAGO!!!

So I'm well rested and through with being a lazy bum and have come to you to finally tell you about my trip to Chicago.

Starting off with the plane ride. My first plane ride ever was terrible. I was nauseous the entire ride and accumulated the worst headache that I thought would be the death of me. But other than that, it went smooth. Less than two hours, which actually seemed more like 30 minutes, and I landed at Chicago O'Hare airport.

I was accompanied by a friend and after arriving to O'Hare we began the quest to getting our luggage and making our way to the bus/shuttle area of the hotel. O'Hare is the biggest maze I have ever seen in my life. So we finally make it to the shuttle area and then eventually to our hotel and I am finally able to get some sleep and prepare for Lollapalooza Day 2.

Day 1-Saturday

My first full day in Chicago starts off extremely slow as the trek to Grant Park actually takes my friend and I about 4 hours to get there. But once we get into downtown Chicago we immediately forget because it is so beautiful. The weather was nice, the city is very clean, besides the Lolla crowd theres not alot of people walking the streets. All in all, its great and I fall in love with Chicago and am already dreading having to leave.

So after spending much of my day at Lollapalooza doing some work, I got to see Rhymefest and some of the Roots. And afterwards we head to the House of Blues to try and get into the show somehow because tickets could not be bought because they had to be won from the radio station. We take the cab to HOB and end up waiting outside for a LONG TIME, about 4 hours before someone finally hands us tickets to the show because they did not want to go. The show was great. Cannot complain for one second. I even got to see some of M.I.A's show. She is great, alot of energy and just fun music to dance to. She picked up a new fan that that night. You should check her out.

After the show all of FNF (excluding Lu and Bishop) were standing outside, just chillin. Speaking of just chillin, we saw Questlove walk from the street, right up to the door, BY HIMSELF, he says hello to us, and walks into HOB just like its nothing. It was crazy but he also just walked out of HOB and chilled outside for a second before getting in a cab and leaving.

Shoutout to the Security Guard who befriended us and tried to help our struggle of getting tickets. The only sane guard at HOB. And the Hotel Sax doorman who charged me $5 to check my bag because I couldn't take it inside. And the dumbass security guard who checked my I.D. like 20 times because he didn't want to believe I was actually 21. And the rest of the Guards at HOB who take their jobs to seriously and think that yelling at a female for no reason is acceptable. OH YEAH and Shoutout to Tiny and Keith for all their help and hospitality.

Day 2- Sunday

This day was the Lupe show at Lollapalooza. It started at 2:15 and when my friend and I finally made our way to the stage, the Pearl Jam fans were in full effect. They were not letting anybody get by them AT ALL. But in my head Im thinking this WILL NOT be a repeat of Artscape, so we bodied our way as close as we could to the front of the stage.

And as a side note, as we were making our way to the front, we take a break to plot the rest of our route to the front, and just mention loudly that we are just trying to see Lupe and we would be leaving right after. And then a white lady beside us says "Yes Im here to see Lupe Fiasco as well, I want to move more to the front but this is as far as I could get." And then she proceeds to tell us that she was one of Lupe's former teachers and that she was proud of how successful he has become. And we tell her to follow us if she wants to get closer but she just decided to stay where she was. How weird is that? But LSS, we get as close as we can, but we have a perfect view of the stage because the people in front of us are all sitting down trying to conserve their energy for Pearl Jam in the MILLION DEGREE HEAT. So the show was good. I actually liked the HOB show better. But this one was cool as well.

The heat was crazy, like Lupe had on a white v-neck tee and about midway through the show, the shirt was see through and he could have been entered into a wet t-shirt contest. Like he could have wrung his shirt out and filled a bucket. IT WAS CRAZY!!!! I seriously couldn't breathe, immediately after the show, my friend and I EACH bought two SmartWaters (which by the way, is the best tasting water EVER) and a Half & Half Tea/Lemonade Drink.

And after we regained composure, we just went out and enjoyed the City of Chicago. We ate at Bennigans and went to Loews movie theatre and saw I now Pronounce you Chuck & Larry. That movie was Hilarious. And really just walked around Chicago just taking in the city and enjoying each moment of being there. Chicago is officially my favorite city ever.

Pictures- Random Food & Liquor Store, The House of Blues, Behind the House of Blues near State Street, and the Chicago Theatre.

Now I could probably write a million more paragraphs telling you about the rest of my chicago trip but this is the LUPE FIASCO SHOW, and as far as Lupe goes those are my encounters with him. I do have a few more shoutouts to give though...

KayCee- It was good seeing you again. The next time you've promised us that you will not be so lame when it came down to just hanging out when Lupe is not involved. LOL...Imma hold you to that promise. Keep It Gangsta in the mean time...LOL

Also Shoutout to the crackhead who I had to run from because she was heading our way to beg us for some change, the man on the street with a baby in a stroller asking people to give him money for food for his baby at 12:00 MIDNIGHT, the guys that made our trip to Chicago very worthwhile, the man on the return flight who almost got cussed out for leaning his seat back on my head MORE THAN ONCE and then REFUSING to let it up but then rethought it after he saw the look on my face, everybody who invited us to come back out to Chicago so they could give us a "real" tour of the city, and just shoutout to the city of Chicago...I WILL BE BACK!!!!!


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