Tuesday, August 28, 2007

GZA gives Props to Lupe & Other Chicago Artists

Are you hearing anything today that is taking hip-hop somewhere new?

A. I barely listen to hip-hop, unless it's something I can't really avoid. Hip-hop has taken such a drastic turn, but I'm liking what's coming out of Chicago: Common's stuff, Kanye West... The average street rapper may look at Kanye and go, "He's soft, he's not hood," but he's making good music! He's got good lyrics! I like Lupe [Fiasco], and I think he should be an example for these young dudes, because he has lyrics, can tell a great story and can capture you; he's not on the bull----, he's himself. That's the kind of music I like: When I sit down and write, I'm not afraid to be myself.

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