Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Happy Early Thanksgiving from Lupe Fiasco


Click the link to read the entire article...I just pulled a few quotes that I thought were most important.

In related news, Fiasco has pushed back the release of his sophomore album, "Lupe Fiasco's The Cool," from Oct. 30 to Nov. 20. Work is continuing on the album with producers from his 1st & 15th camp, including Pro and Soundtrack. Previously, Fiasco had avoided big-name producers ("It's too expensive," he says), but "now we're doing CRS, [so] I can get all the music for free."

"i'm just wearing down," he admits. "i'm never doing mixtapes again, not even internet ones. my whole energy for making hip-hop music is slowing down. i've been doing it for seven years. i still don't think i'm famous. i'll do what i have to do to promote my next album, but i'm not enthused about doing seven albums. i'll do my three, and then i am going to keep moving to the next phase of life and maybe grow trees."

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