Wednesday, August 29, 2007

MixMasterMegan Says (Entry 2)

So this one time I played Street Fighter against Lupe on original Nintendo.......I was SOOOOOOOOOOO close to beating him......I mean like ONE more hit........literally....hip hop's best known video gamer and there I am....ONE hit away.

Then I lost.....I haven't been the same since....All confidence....BAM! out the window.

But I promise you, I WILL beat him one day. No probably not actually..but he knows to step his Nintendo game up. You know it's serious when your game is threatened by a suburban white girl.

And Lupe, if you're reading this....which I can only hope.....I really hope I'm on some shoutout for "The Cool".You know I listened to 12 minutes of the outro on "Food and Liquor" last year only to be mixmastermegan?? I answered those phones faithfully for months.......months!! Yammed on people and all!!

Original fan right here.....c'mon now

Love to you and yours,

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Ki said...

Awesome...i luv luv luv street fighter it's amongst the few video games i actually dig! Don't believe me go to my myspace and read about it!